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All multi-cloud instances provisioned through buzinessware are delivered as a Managed Service with following benefits included for FREE


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Why use Buzinessware for Managed Azure

Compare Feature

Subscription Management
Management of subscription of Azure resource, Identity and access
Managed by Customer
Managed by Buzinessware
Managed Onboarding
Security Hardening of OS and tweaking of applications, Initial Patching, Initial Setup & Configurations of webserver, database server, installations of any other dependent application
Self Service Platform
Manage your services by yourself using security-rich features in the unified cloud platform
Monitoring & Alerting
Continous monitoring of host and services at periodic intervals and attend alerts proactively to ensure guaranteed 99.9% uptime

Partial automatic, alerting to be manually configured

Managed by Buzinessware

Optimized Infrastructure
Identification of unused resources under the subscription and to optimize
Raw Instance
Optimized Instance
Managed Infrastructure
Management of infrastructure to ensure smooth deployment of Applications on Azure cloud
Security Management
Security Management for Azure infrastructure, Storage and Network. Pro-active action on alerts if any

Firewall to be configured by customer

Managed firewall

Bitdefender end point security

Backup & Recovery Management
Configuration of Backup, daily monitoring and to restore when needed

Configuration of files & DB backup
(Subject to subscription of backup plan)

Daily monitoring

Recovery when needed

1-click Application Deployment
Deploy applications easily and securely on Azure with a single click
Anycast DNS
Distribuited name servers across the globe help fastest DNS resolution

1 domain

Unlimited DNS queries

Migration of website/application to Azure cloud from any other cloud

Managed by Buzinessware

Migration up to 3 websites/applications included

Architecture Guidance
Guidance on best practices based on the well architect pillars

General Guidance on best practices of

Reliability, Security, Cost optimization, Operational excellence, Performance efficiency

Predictable billing
Flexible billing options help avoid no-surprise billing. This help proper budgeting for your business
Ongoing Management & Administration
Routine installation of security patches /kernal releases and roll back if breaks

Routine Patch management

CPU load, high memory mitigation

Trouble Shooting & Diagnosis
Diagnosis issues and troubleshooting if any and to resolve

Included - Troubleshooting of OS and infrastructure level Issues

24/7 Support
You will have 24/7 access to technical support

Basic Support

Email, Community, Knowledge Base

Standard Support

Email, Knowledge Base

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  • Subscription of Azure cloud through us will give you 100% managed experience. Service will be managed by default
  • We will do the security hardening of the OS to help protect your instances from attacks and back door entries
  • Flexible payment terms will help your business with proper budgeting. Our unified cloud platform allows you to manage instances by yourself

No. You can easily sign-up for free, build your instance, deploy your app, and pay monthly without any fixed-term commitment

Yes. We offer 7 days FREE No-obligation PoC to test your application on Azure

Once you test, you can convert the same instances to a paid subscription. If you do not want to use it after PoC for some reason, you can submit a cancellation request from the portal. Instances will be converted automatically to paid subscriptions if there is no cancellation request received

No. You can sign-up free without a credit card and use the basic services for 3 days

24/7 Standard support will be available for your account by default. You can upgrade support levels depending on your business criticality and need

You can contact our support team via ticket by default under the standard support level. You may upgrade to advanced or premium where you will get multiple channels like live chat, phone, dedicated slack channel, etc in case you think that your application is critical and you need the fastest response

SSL certificate, Bit-defender Anti-virus, Security Group management, and Firewall are available by default with Managed X. You may upgrade to Managed X Pro in case you need advanced security to protect your data and resources

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