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  • Automatic daily backups
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  • Built-in daily malware scanning
  • Continuous security monitoring
  • Self-managed service
  • 24x7 customer support
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Daily Backup

We back up your site every day. Saving only what has been changed or modified to save you storage space



CodeGuard’s patented functionality automatically scan, discover and fix threats your site encounters


Client Access and Reports

Use CodeGuard as a service to your customers. Our white-label offering helps give clients a personal portal to their website data and information


WordPress Pluggin Updates

CodeGuard takes care of automatically updating and working with all WordPress website updates


ChangeAlert Notification

CodeGuard notifies you by email anytime anything changes within the source code of your website


24x7 Customer Support

Our customer service team is available 24/7 via phone, email, or live chat, so that our customers can get assistance quickly


Codeguard Website Backup delivers 100% Peace-Of-Mind

Reverse damage caused to a website through a 1-click restore option. Utilizing sophisticated version control software, CodeGuard provides incremental agent-less backups, empowers marketers & technologists alike to oversee their network of websites – with any mix of CMSs: WordPress, Joomla, Drupal – all in one place

Gain essential backup, malware remediation, and rollback capabilities. CodeGuard makes it easy for you to keep your site safe and revert it to the previous version if necessary. The set up is quick. Just choose a backup plan with add-ons to fit your needs


Support that puts you in control of your business 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Best-in-class 24/7 technical support as standard for all subscriptions under your account

  • Free Migration & Onboarding
  • 24*7 Support Availability
  • Multiple Support Channels
  • Unlimited Support Requests
  • Self Service Platform
  • Measured Response Time
  • Priority Support Add-on
  • Enterprise Support Add-on
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Backups are stored on Amazon Web Services Simple Storage System, known as S3. S3 boasts object durability levels of 99.999999999%, achieved by storing redundant copies of data across multiple geographies and facilities. S3 is not the cheapest alternative for data storage, but it is one of the most reliable.

Our data stored on Amazon Web Services (AWS) is stored utilizing Server Side Encryption (SSE). AWS handles key management and key protection for us, with one of the strongest block ciphers available, 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES-256).

We provide automated daily backups with a secure easy one-click restore and a built-in daily malware scanning, continuous security monitoring , with auto scan, discover and fix threats.

A backup retention policy is an internal organizational regulation that specifies what data is kept, where it is kept, and for how long it is kept. The sorts of backup that are permitted may be specified in retention policies. A retention policy may include complete backups, incremental backups, and differential backups, among other options. For a variety of reasons, retention rules exist, and they frequently ensure that customer or client data is secure and accessible.

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Why Choose Codeguard Website Backup Service

There are several reasons why you might consider choosing CodeGuard as your website backup service:

  • Automatic and Regular Backups: CodeGuard provides automatic and regular backups of your website. It continuously monitors your website for changes and backs up your files and databases regularly, ensuring that you always have an up-to-date backup of your website.
  • Easy Restoration: In the event of a website crash, data loss, or security breach, CodeGuard makes it easy to restore your website to a previous version. It offers a simple and user-friendly interface where you can select the specific files or databases you want to restore.
  • Incremental Backups: CodeGuard uses incremental backups, which means it only backs up the changes made since the previous backup. This method is efficient and helps reduce storage space usage and backup time.
  • Secure Cloud Storage: CodeGuard stores your website backups in a secure cloud environment. This ensures that your backups are protected from physical damage, theft, or other disasters that could affect your local backup storage.
  • Malware Detection and Removal: CodeGuard scans your website for malware and other malicious code. If any threats are detected, it alerts you and provides options for removing the malware to restore the integrity of your website.
  • Version Control and Comparison: CodeGuard maintains multiple versions of your website backups, allowing you to compare different versions and revert to a specific point in time if needed. This feature can be invaluable if you need to recover from errors or unintended changes.
  • Easy Integration: CodeGuard integrates smoothly with popular website platforms and content management systems (CMS) such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, and more. It offers plugins, extensions, or simple setup steps to ensure compatibility and easy installation.
  • Reliable Support: CodeGuard offers customer support to assist you with any backup and restoration issues you may encounter. They have a team of experts who can help troubleshoot problems and guide you through the process.
  • Additional Features: CodeGuard may provide additional features depending on the plan you choose, such as website performance monitoring, uptime monitoring, and vulnerability scanning. These features can help you maintain the health and security of your website beyond backups.

Ultimately, choosing CodeGuard as your website backup service offers convenience, peace of mind, and a robust solution for protecting your website's data. However, it's important to compare and evaluate different backup services based on your specific needs and requirements to make an informed decision.

CodeGuard Features –

CodeGuard is a website backup and monitoring service that offers several useful features to help protect your website's data and ensure its availability. Here are some key features of CodeGuard:

  • Automatic Website Backups: CodeGuard automatically backs up your website's files and databases on a regular basis. It creates initial backups and then monitors your site for any changes, ensuring that you have an up-to-date backup of your website at all times.
  • Incremental Backups: CodeGuard uses incremental backups, which means that after the initial backup, it only backs up the changes made to your website. This approach helps save storage space and reduces backup time.
  • Off-Site Backups: CodeGuard stores your website backups on remote and secure servers. This off-site storage ensures that your backups are safe even if your website's server experiences any issues or data loss.
  • Easy Website Restore: If something goes wrong with your website, CodeGuard makes it easy to restore your website to a previous working state. You can choose specific files or entire backups to restore, and the process is straightforward.
  • Website Monitoring: CodeGuard continuously monitors your website for any changes or modifications. It alerts you if any unexpected changes occur, such as unauthorized access, injected malware, or code modifications. This helps you detect and address potential security threats promptly.
  • Malware Detection: CodeGuard includes malware scanning capabilities to detect any malicious code or files that may have been injected into your website. If any malware is found, CodeGuard alerts you so that you can take appropriate action to remove it and secure your site.
  • Change Monitoring: CodeGuard keeps track of every change made to your website's files and sends you notifications about the modifications. This feature allows you to review and track changes made by you or your team members, enhancing accountability and transparency.
  • One-Click WordPress Integration: For WordPress websites, CodeGuard offers a simple one-click integration that allows you to connect your website to the CodeGuard service without any complex configuration.
  • Database Backup and Restore: In addition to website files, CodeGuard also supports the backup and restoration of your website's databases. This feature ensures that your data is protected, and you can recover your database if needed.
  • Historical Versioning: CodeGuard retains multiple versions of your website backups, allowing you to access and restore specific versions from different points in time. This feature is useful if you need to revert to an earlier version of your website.

These are some of the key features provided by CodeGuard to help safeguard your website and ensure you have reliable backups available in case of emergencies or data loss.