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Single Certificates

Secure your individual domain with a Single SSL certificate. Single SSL certificates include Domain Validation, Organizational Validation, and Extended Validation. Includes a Trust Logo real-time assurance seal

Multi-Domain SSL

Secure up to 100 domain names with a single certificate. Multi-domain SSL Certificates (sometimes referred to as SAN/UCC certificates) enable a single certificate to secure multiple domain names

Wildcard SSL

Secure your main domain and unlimited subdomains under a single certificate. Wildcard certificates are the most convenient way to provide SSL protection and encryption for a domain and its subdomains


All SSL Certificates include

  • SHA-2 and 2048-bit encryption - the strongest on the market
  • Unlimited 24/7 security support
  • Compatible with all major browsers
  • Boost Google search ranking
  • Protects unlimited servers
  • Displays a Security Seal on your site
  • Unlimited free reissues

Certificate solutions to digitally sign applications and enable secure communication

Signing Certificates

Code Signing Certificates

Enable trust for program files downloaded or updated across the internet

Signing your code enables the receiving party to validate the identity of the code's author and to know for a fact that this code is bit-for-bit identical to how it was when signed

Available in Extended Validation and Organization Validation authentication levels, code signing prevents warning messages in popular operating systems and helps end-users be confident they’re getting the real thing before they download and install programs

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S/MIME Email Certificates

Enable encrypted email and allow recipients to verify sender

Email certificates enable encrypted email and allow recipients to verify the true email address of the sender. These certificates help protect your online identity against use in email spoofing attacks and prevent unwanted third parties from reading the contents of your email

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Signing Certificates
Signing Certificates

Document Signing Certificates

Use a secure digital key to certify the identity of the author on a digital document or message

Document signing certificates provide trusted assurance of authentication for electronically transmitted documents by validating author and document. Digital certificates give customers confidence that the received documents originate from the recognized source and have not been forged or tampered with

Certification originates from the Adobe Certified Document Services (CDS) or the Certificate Authorities that are members of the Adobe Approved Trust List (AATL). Certification attests that the signer has been verified by Adobe for compliance to its requirements and that the certificate is on the protected hardware

We provides a complete range of digital signature capabilities while maintaining competitive prices

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Websites need SSL certificates to keep user data secure, verify ownership of the website, prevent attackers from creating a fake version of the site, and convey trust to users.

Premium SSL Certificates come with a trust seal that you can place on your website that has been proven to increase visitor confidence and customer conversions. Let’s Encrypt certificates do not offer any type of site seal. Premium SSL Certificates will come with a warranty – essentially a form of insurance against the unlikely event of certificate failure, fraudulent transactions and end-users losing money. Warranty value starts from USD $10,000 and can go up to USD $1,500,000 based on the type of SSL Certificate. Let’s Encrypt certificates do not offer any form of warranty. With Google and major web browsers pushing the entire websites towards HTTPS, Let’s Encrypt is ideal for taking the first step into the world of HTTPS. For smaller personal sites and blogs, Let’s Encrypt is a great choice. But for enterprise-level sites, that handle sensitive data, the benefits of a premium SSL Certificate are unbeatable. If you’re running an e-commerce platform or any business that takes online payment, the safety of your customer data is crucial – something for which you’ll always want to ensure the maximum level of security and protection. While Let’s Encrypt can provide SSL protection, it can’t offer the comprehensive coverage and reliability provided by a premium SSL Certificate.

You will need your CSR and certain required documents depending on the certificate you purchase. You can get your CSR from your hosting provider or your system administrator. Once, you purchase the certificate and process your order. You will then need to send your necessary documents to the respective company. For Domain Validated Certificates you will receive an Approver or DCV email to prove you are the domain owner. For OV & EV certificates, you will need to provide the documentation requested.

DV or a Domain Validated Certificate is a certificate that only requires you to verify that you are the owner of your domain.For Organization Validated (OV) Certificates, the issuing Certificate Authority (CA) validates your organization information to make sure you are an actual organization. They verify the Organization Name, Physical Address, and Phone Number.EV or Extended Validation Certificates (also known as "Green Bar" Certificates) are recognized and known as the most highly trusted type of SSL certificate.

You can get the Green Bar on your site by purchasing an Extended Validation (EV) certificate. These EV certs activate the Green Bar in the browser of your website to increase confidence and trust.

We shall be more than happy to help you. You have 2 options: 1) You can contact our support team and we can answer any questions you may have regarding installation. 2) You can purchase our Installation Service for AED 100 and we will actually perform the installation for you

We shall be more than happy to help you. You have 2 options: 1) You can contact our support team and we can answer any questions you may have regarding installation. 2) You can purchase our Installation Service for AED 100 and we will actually perform the installation for you

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Why SSL Certificate in Important for website security in Dubai, UAE?

SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificates are important for website security not just in Dubai, UAE, but globally. However, in the context of Dubai and the UAE, there are several reasons why SSL certificates are particularly significant:

  • Data Encryption: SSL certificates enable encryption of data transmitted between a user's browser and the website's server. This encryption ensures that sensitive information, such as login credentials, financial details, or personal data, cannot be intercepted or accessed by unauthorized individuals.
  • ser Trust and Confidence: When visitors see a website with a valid SSL certificate, their browser displays a padlock icon and the website URL starts with "https" instead of "http." This indicates that the connection is secure and that the website's identity has been verified. SSL certificates help establish trust and confidence among users, reassuring them that their information is protected.
  • Compliance with Regulations: In Dubai and the UAE, there are specific regulations and guidelines concerning data protection and cybersecurity. Many of these regulations, such as the UAE's Federal Law No. 2 of 2019 on the Use of Information and Communication Technology in Healthcare (Health Data Law) or the Dubai Data Law, emphasize the need for appropriate security measures, including encryption. SSL certificates help websites comply with these regulations and demonstrate a commitment to data protection.
  • SEO Benefits: Search engines like Google consider SSL certificates as a ranking factor. Websites with SSL certificates are more likely to rank higher in search engine results compared to non-secure websites. Having an SSL certificate can improve your website's visibility and attract more organic traffic.
  • Protection against Cyber Attacks: SSL certificates play a crucial role in safeguarding websites against various cyber threats, such as data breaches, hacking attempts, and phishing attacks. By encrypting the data exchanged between users and the website, SSL certificates minimize the risk of unauthorized access and data theft.
  • Payment Card Industry (PCI) Compliance: If your website handles online transactions or processes credit card payments, it needs to comply with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS). SSL certificates are an essential requirement for achieving PCI compliance, as they provide the necessary encryption and protection for secure payment processing.

In summary, SSL certificates are vital for website security in Dubai, UAE, and anywhere else. They ensure data encryption, build trust among users, comply with regulations, provide SEO benefits, protect against cyber attacks, and facilitate secure online transactions.

Types of SSL Certificates & it's advantages

There are several types of SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificates available, each with its own advantages and use cases. Here are some common types of SSL certificates:

  • Domain Validated (DV) Certificate: This is the most basic type of SSL certificate. It verifies the ownership of the domain and provides a secure connection. DV certificates are typically issued quickly and are cost-effective. However, they provide minimal assurance to visitors as only domain ownership is validated.
  • Organization Validated (OV) Certificate: OV certificates require a more rigorous validation process. In addition to domain ownership, they also verify the legitimacy and existence of the organization behind the website. OV certificates display organization details in the certificate information, instilling more confidence in visitors.
  • Extended Validation (EV) Certificate: EV certificates offer the highest level of validation and trust. They undergo a strict verification process that includes not only domain ownership and organization validation but also additional legal and operational checks. EV certificates display the organization's name prominently in the browser's address bar, signaling trustworthiness to users. EV certificates are often used by e-commerce websites, banks, and other high-security applications.
  • Wildcard Certificate: A wildcard certificate secures a domain and its subdomains. For example, with a wildcard certificate for "*.example.com," you can secure "www.example.com," "mail.example.com," "blog.example.com," and so on. Wildcard certificates provide cost savings and simplified management as you only need one certificate to cover multiple subdomains.
  • Multi-Domain (SAN) Certificate: SAN (Subject Alternative Name) certificates can secure multiple domains and subdomains within a single certificate. They are flexible and allow you to secure different domain names using a single certificate, reducing administrative overhead.
  • Single-Root SSL Certificate: Single-root certificates are issued by a single root certificate authority (CA) and are widely recognized and trusted. These certificates are suitable for most websites and offer a balance between cost and security.

Advantages of SSL Certificates:

  • 1. Data encryption: SSL certificates encrypt the data exchanged between a website and its visitors, ensuring that sensitive information like login credentials, credit card details, and personal data remain secure from unauthorized access.
  • 1. Data encryption: SSL certificates encrypt the data exchanged between a website and its visitors, ensuring that sensitive information like login credentials, credit card details, and personal data remain secure from unauthorized access.
  • 3. Search engine ranking: Search engines, like Google, consider SSL certificates as a ranking factor. Websites with SSL certificates tend to have better search engine visibility, potentially improving organic traffic and user engagement.
  • 4. Enhanced user trust: SSL certificates display visual cues, such as padlock icons or a green address bar, indicating a secure connection. These signals increase user confidence and trust in your website, leading to higher conversion rates and customer satisfaction.
  • 5. PCI DSS compliance: If you process online payments, having an SSL certificate is necessary to comply with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS), ensuring secure transmission of credit card information.

Remember, SSL certificates are crucial for securing websites and establishing trust with visitors. The type of certificate you choose depends on your specific needs, the level of validation you require, and the number of domains or subdomains you want to secure.