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Why move ERP to cloud?

More than 60 percent of surveyed companies still rely on an out-of-date ERP solution – at least five years old – which can act as an anchor, impacting profitability by dragging down business growth and innovation.

Businesses require flexibility, scalability, and most important is the security and all of these are provided by the cloud at an affordable price. IT departments are always on the lookout for time and money-saving software therefore, it can be a smart move if companies switch to the cloud.

According to a survey conducted by the market research department:

32% of companies want to reduce the maintenance cost.

28% of companies want more flexibility in accessing the information.

25% of companies want to streamline their work processes.

22% of companies want more affordable alternatives.

Why choose Buzinessware for your cloud server provider for your ERP?

Headquartered in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, in Buzinessware, you find a reliable partner with a dedicated focus on the Middle East delivering secure & scalable IT Infrastructure services along with 24/7 local support on a pay as you grow pricing model.

Here’s a good reason why you should move to Buzinessware.

  • We have Enhanced Security

Every organization, especially small and medium, require additional security and the cloud systems are perfect for providing a safe and secure environment. The cloud system offers secure gateways for data management, so the data does not get leaked to the wrong person.

Our cloud-based ERPs are the pre-built templates that fulfill the international as well as domestic standards. The improved security and reduced cost might force you to shift from ERP to cloud-based ERPs now.

  • We can provide you savings and help you reduced the cost

Traditional ERP system requires huge investment as routers, switches, computers along with few unexpected costs are very expensive. Well, all these costs can be eliminated with the cloud-based ERP system. Our cloud system follows the rule of, “pay as you go” which means it can put an end to all the initial capital costs.

Not only the hardware costs, but our cloud ERP can also eradicate the server maintenance cost which decreases the workload of the IT department. This means the cloud-based ERP can save a lot of working hours of your company.

  • Accessibility and Remote access

Our Cloud-based ERP platforms can be accessed from any remote location with ease which means it can be accessed securely from any browser. This is great if an employee is out of the office and still needs to access some data, cloud ERP just makes it easy. It makes the employees work easy and comfortable whereas the traditional ERP is time-consuming and less productive. Also, cloud-based ERP can eliminate corruption and security breaches.

  • Data Recovery

In a tradition ERP system, there is always a risk of losing data completely. Our Cloud ERP removes this problem as ERP clouds have redundancy which means the data is placed in two places so if it gets corrupted or lost from one place, the data is preserved in another place. The data in the cloud ERP will survive under any circumstances.

We are large enough to matter and small enough to care. We manage our company for the long term, serving clients with our rich UAE heritage and independence.

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