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Why it makes sense to Become Partner with Buzinessware 

In today’s dynamic business landscape, collaboration and strategic partnerships play a pivotal role in fostering growth and innovation. Recognizing this imperative, Buzinessware introduces its Partner Program, designed to empower businesses, resellers, and service providers to unlock new opportunities and maximize their potential in the digital realm.

Buzinessware, a leading provider of cloud services, infrastructure solutions, and managed IT services, has curated a comprehensive Partner Program tailored to meet the diverse needs of its partners. Whether you are an IT consultancy firm, a software vendor, a managed service provider, or an independent consultant, the Buzinessware Partner Program offers a robust framework for collaboration, enabling you to expand your offerings, enhance customer value, and drive revenue growth.

Partnering with Buzinessware opens doors to a wide array of benefits and resources. From access to cutting-edge cloud technologies and infrastructure solutions to extensive sales and marketing support, partners can leverage Buzinessware’s expertise and market presence to accelerate their business objectives. Moreover, with flexible engagement models and generous incentives, the Partner Program ensures that partners are rewarded for their commitment and contribution to mutual success.

At the heart of the Buzinessware Partner Program lies a commitment to fostering long-term, mutually beneficial relationships. Through collaboration, knowledge sharing, and continuous support, Buzinessware and its partners work hand in hand to address evolving customer needs, drive innovation, and stay ahead in an increasingly competitive landscape.

Whether you’re looking to diversify your product portfolio, expand your customer base, or strengthen your market position, the Buzinessware Partner Program provides the platform and resources you need to thrive. Join us in shaping the future of technology and unlocking new possibilities for growth and success.

Ways to Earn

Resell with Your Brand, your Logo Whether online, offline, or in collaboration with us, white-labeled resellers have the flexibility to make sales. Set your pricing, manage your customers, and rest assured with our full support behind you.

Online Reseller:

Get your Hosting Business up and running in just 2 minutes with our ready-to-deploy white-labeled storefront. Engage your customers with promotions and a user-friendly shopping experience using the built-in coupon engine and diverse payment gateways. The platform includes integrated hosting packages and an email marketing platform to effectively promote domains and hosting solutions to your clientele.

Key Features:

  • Customize your product offerings
  • Choose from pre-created templates
  • Enjoy a fully branded e-commerce experience
  • Utilize invoicing and billing features
  • Craft custom coupons for targeted promotions
  • Benefit from 24/7 storefront support
  • Seamless integration of hosting packages for instant sales
  • Effectively market domains, hosting, and security services to your customers through the integrated email marketing platform.

API Resellers:

Achieve effortless provisioning through API integration with our platform-independent API, recognized as the most user-friendly in the industry. Take command of all your purchasing and management functions using the Reseller API, featuring secure HTTPS connections and a remarkably simple configuration process. Connect with our Reseller Program API Specialists to optimize your reseller experience.

Key Features:

  • Unlimited API Requests
  • Fully Secure
  • Set Your Own Pricing
  • Seamless WHMCS Integration
  • Customize Your Product Offerings
  • Dedicated API Specialists

Offline Reseller:

As our valued partners, you receive volume rebates when making purchases from us. The Buzinessware Control Panel is a potent, user-friendly, and tailor-made interface designed to automate your business processes. Experience the convenience of one-click features that allow you to effortlessly manage all your orders through a unified interface.

Partner Benefits Levels:

Expand your business with us and unlock exclusive pricing and advantages.

Reseller Level 1

No credit card. No deposit. No obligations. 24/7 support

Volume rebate


Start Free

Monthly credit in your Buzinessware account

Reseller Level 2

The self-serve approach with 24/7 standard support

Volume rebate


$999/month revenue

Monthly credit in your Buzinessware account

Reseller Level 3

Dedicated Account Manager with 24/7 Priority Support

Volume rebate


$1000 – $2499/month revenue

Monthly credit in your Buzinessware account

Reseller Level 4

Everything in Level 3 + assigned Technical Team Leader

Volume rebate


$2500+ /month revenue

Monthly credit in your Buzinessware account