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Why is Cloud Web Hosting better for larger enterprises?

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There is a bit of surrounding cloud web hosting these days, and if you are researching different hosting options. You will certainly run through this term. However, there are only a handful of web hosts currently this solution. Thus, although it is rather a popular option, at the same time, it is also fairly new, so the choice in the web host is a tad limited for the users.

This situation gains popularity, though it is likely and more hosts will start offering this option commonly. It will often benefit the customer by offering them more options in the companies to use. However, it will also reduce the price for it along with increasing the competition in the market.

Know about cloud web hosting

In simple terms, cloud web hosting is the electronic structure that can store data throughout multiple computers. This data will be served through a network like the internet. In effect, these server farms act as one of the large storages, space, and processors with your website data spread out throughout the cluster of multiple servers. It means that in case one server goes down, none of the information will get lost. Also, that is all your data, software, and email are accessible anywhere on the go. This becomes one of the most crucial advantages for the business.

Why should you opt for cloud web hosting?

Cloud hosting has become increasingly popular in recent times in several enterprises throughout Dubai. There are lots of reasons behind this fact and here are some to know.

  1. Flexible and pricing structure

In several other styles of hosting, you can use the entire server resources. With this hosting, you have to pay only for the amount you are using. If you are expecting the post to go viral, or the site is receiving a huge amount of traffic and do not have to upgrade the traffic surge entirely and down the level return to normal. Instead of paying the high hosting fee throughout the board, your pricing matches the number of server resources you are willing to use.

  1. Redundant server environment

With several types of hosting, your site will live on a single server. If something happened to that particular server, then your site will go offline, and you will be unreachable until fixing the errors. When your hosting is redundant, a site backup will take over the existing site within a very few seconds. However, not all the redundancy are created the same as one another. With the cloud server hosting, you will have to concurrent several live versions of the website that your host will load immediately.

  1. Easy to scale server resources

With cloud hosting scaling, your server resources could not be as easy as you think. For most cloud servers, you have to access an intuitive site management dashboard that will allow the performance of the site in real-time. You can also scale the server resources up or down on the spot without waiting for any approval from Cloud Hosting providers.

  1. Remarkable uptime and availability

If you are using any traditional hosting, the site’s uptime will be based on the physical server environment unless you are utilizing CDN to reduce the site’s overall downtime. Cloud hosting offers high uptime built into the structure of the website. As your site will be virtually using multiple servers’ resources, you will be able to simply traffic to another server if one of the servers offline or is experiencing any of the technical issues. Additionally, your site will not go offline from the unexpected traffic surge with your ability to scale server resources on-demand.

  1. Safety from hardware issues

With a hosting service like cloud hosting, your site will be isolated from any other physical server issues. It includes hacking, system overloaded, or hardware failure as well. When the physical server is compromised or experienced an issue, you can use any other servers’ existing physical resources and all without facing any downtime.

  1. The fast server setup process

You can deploy the cloud hosting server in any particular record time. Unless you are signing up for the beginner shared hosting packages, it may take some time to deploy the website server. It can be a hassle if you require the site to get online quickly. Else, host migration, and you are stuck waiting for the server to get ready to function.

Cloud Web Hosting Services at Buzinessware

Cloud hosting is often considered the best solution for the websites that will have outgrown the resources of the existing shared hosting. With the virtual resources of the many clustered services, the load is auto-balanced, security is taken care of by the hardware resources. Buzinessware is one of the prominent ones in Dubai that can offer you the best cloud hosting services. Here are some plans you can look for.

Unlimited Basic Websites (UAE DC): It comes with 2 GB memory, one vCPU, and 30 GB SSD storage.

High Traffic Websites (UAE DC): It comes with 4 GB memory, 2 vCPU, and 50 GB SSD storage.

Resources Heavy Websites (UAE DC): It comes with 8 GB memory, 4 vCPU, and 100 GB SSD storage.

Final thoughts

Despite the popularity of the technology, there is a lot of confusion about the term “cloud”. The easiest way to sum it up is that by using the cloud setup, you will host the website and the files with the help of the broad network of the computers instead of just a single machine. So, cloud hosting is one of the preferable options when it comes to website hosting.