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Why is an SSL Certificate Important? 6 Benefits of Using SSL Certificate.

All websites need security, and this can be attained through an SSL certificate which serves as a backbone. Wondering why an SSL certificate is so important??? So, let’s take a closer look of the benefits of SSL certificate.

What is an SSL Certificate?

Secure Socket Layers (SSL) certificate ensures protection to sensitive data on your website. When an organization installs an SSL certificate onto the web server it automatically initiates secure sessions with browsers. When the certificate has been successfully downloaded on your server the application protocol changes from HTTP to HTTPS. Any website which doesn’t show HTTPS will show a warning to the visitor. Due to this warning, visitors will not browse that website. Getting an SSL certificate is so much easier today as you can get them for free and their installations are simple.

What is HTTPS?

HTTP stands for Hypertext Transfer Protocol which is a communication protocol implemented by the clients and servers in order to communicate. In an HTTP website, the communication between the browser and the client is transferred in clear text. This enables the information to be clearly visible and thus becomes vulnerable and is at risk of getting compromised.

Whereas HTTPS stands for Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure. Through HTTPS an encrypted communication is established due to which network cannot read the information making it more secured.

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Here are the six benefits of an SSL Certificate

#1 Increased Security

For starters, SSL certificate will protect sensitive data between the server and the client. Such information could be login details, addresses or payment, and personal information. SSL certificates will encrypt the connection which will protect visitors’ data from being manipulated by the attackers. To decipher the encryption by the hackers will be impossible.

#2 Improved SEO Ranking

According to Google websites with HTTPS, you will have a slight boost in rankings compared to the HTTP ones. If you want a good search engine ranking, then you must opt for HTTPS.

#3 Customer Trust

SSL certificates will help you gain visitors trust.

But that’s not all…

Your website will display a padlock in the address bar of the browser indicating a secure connection. It is quite easy for users to identify that their data is secured. Such assurance will further encourage users to do business with you.

#4 Benefits of SSL Certificate For Secure Online Transactions

An SSL certificate is a requirement for websites that deals with online payments. Without an SSL certificate, it will be impossible to carry on secured transactions as it would be exposing the user’s personal data.

#5 Security for your Subdomains

Wildcard SSL certificate lets you secure your main site as well as its subdomains. This is especially if you own a large website with several subdomains.

#6 Google Mandatory 2018

In 2018 Google flagged any website that didn’t possess an SSL certificate. This major change affected all websites. And as of 2018 Google marked all the HTTP sites in Chrome as not secure.

Wrapping Up

In the web world, a sense of security is a must and benefits of SSL certificate promises to do so. Investing in an SSL certificate is like safeguarding your online reputation and data. So, if you’re still thinking about installing an SSL certificate then…