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Why Is An SSL Certificate Essential For Your Domain ?


Google’s notice states that all websites that use the HTTP protocol are considered insecure and that it is crucial to install an SSL certificate for your website. Without HTTPS, a website sends out a warning to visitors, making them less likely to feel comfortable exploring your site.

How does HTTPS work? And why should a blogger switch to an HTTPS website?

If your website has an online form where users can submit personal information such as name, address, and contact data, you need to have an SSL certificate for it. You are either marketing or selling things, or you are reviewing them and provide a link to make a purchase. If you allow users to subscribe to your blog by entering their email address.

Is HTTPS the better option? How does HTTPS differ from HTTP?

  • Enhanced Online Positioning – Because HTTPS websites are safer and more secure to use than HTTP websites, Google claims that HTTPS websites will rank somewhat higher than HTTP websites. Therefore, if you are working hard to improve your website’s search engine rating, you also need to, if you haven’t already, move it to HTTPS.
  • Obtain Referral Information – Should your website be on HTTP, Google Analytics will restrict the referral data. Consequently, if your website is using HTTP and you receive a lot of traffic through it, this traffic will be shown as direct traffic. On the other hand, if your website is using HTTPS, Google Analytics will analyze and receive the referral traffic. This will provide you more accurate information about the traffic flowing to your website and enable you to better target your marketing efforts.
  • Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) Require HTTPS – You may already be well aware that having a strong search engine ranking requires having a mobile presence as well. Making the switch to HTTPS is crucial if you want to use AMP on your website. AMP requires HTTPS in order to function. HTTPS is necessary for current browsers and progressive web applications to work properly.
  • High Security- Adding an SSL certificate to your website serves the primary purpose of making it extremely secure. What HTTPS does for your website is as follows : –

    1. It increases visitor and client security on your website.

    2. It guards against data breaches on your website.

    5. All of the data on your website—including the URL, passwords, browsing history, etc.—is encrypted.

    3. It keeps the data from the website from being misused.

    4. It shields your website against content phishing.

Why Does Google Consider SSL to Be Important for Websites?

HTTPS is one of the major ranking signals that Google looks at for websites. They take this action to guarantee that the websites users access through their search engine are reliable and authentic.
An essential step in preventing users from being duped by fake content is to use HTTPS. A situation known as “content spoofing” occurs when a hacker creates a phony website and poses it as authentic. This is typically done to mislead individuals, who then enter their personal information on these websites.
Users can only be shielded against content spoofing by ensuring that all websites are HTTPS-secured.
If your website doesn’t have an SSL certificate, users will see a warning when they try to access it. You don’t want them to leave because they don’t think your website is secure.

How Can You Obtain An SSL Certificate For Your Website Using WordPress ?

  • Obtain an SSL certificate from your web host.

A free SSL certificate from Let’s Encrypt can be obtained from the web hosting company. MilesWeb offers free SSL certificates with all WordPress hosting and shared hosting packages. The free SSL certificate from Let’s Encrypt can be added automatically to your hosting account. To install the SSL certificate on your website, simply get in touch with MilesWeb’s support team, and they will take care of the SSL certificate installation for your domain.

  • Make Your WordPress Website HTTPS-Capable

All you need to do is modify the URL structure of your website from your WordPress account admin once you have the SSL certificate.

Following these modifications, your website will always load using SSL and be identified by HTTPS rather than HTTP. Check for the green padlock icon on your website to see if your SSL certificate is functioning properly. This icon indicates that your website is safe to use and is secured with an SSL certificate.


Investing in an SSL certificate for your blog is an investment in both protecting user data and your online reputation. Installing an SSL certificate on your website is a simple step toward becoming successful online. Make the switch to HTTPS as soon as possible if you haven’t already in order to avoid losing out on organic website traffic and high search engine results.