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Which is best for your Business, G Suite or Office 365?

G Suite or Office 365

For your business email address, are you debating between G Suite and Office 365? Professional corporate email and productivity capabilities are available with G Suite and Office 365, making collaboration easier. Here you will compare G Suite vs Office 365 in this article to help you determine which is best for your company. Selecting an office suite is no longer as straightforward as it once was. This complete guide is here to assist you in any way.

G Suite or Office 365: When do you need it?

If you have a small business website, you should start using these tools immediately. From the outset, you will have access to professional business tools. You can add more employees or upgrade your account as your company expands. Let’s compare G Suite with Microsoft Office 365 to see which is better for your company. Both providers provide per-user pricing for small enterprises.

Which is the more affordable option?

  • Small businesses may find it difficult to choose between the two solutions due to their comparable price. Other decisive criteria, thankfully, exist.
  • For corporate and commercial plans with more than five users, G Suite, for example, provides unlimited cloud storage.
  • On the other hand, all Microsoft Office 365 plans, including the business essentials plan, come with 1 TB of cloud storage. Although this is a large amount of storage, it is not limitless.
  • Free local calls using Google Hangouts and Google Voice are another feature that provides G Suite with an advantage. Skype for Business is included in Office 365 for Business Premium and above plans. In order to make local calls, you will also need to buy Skype credits.

Feature Comparison: G Suite vs Office 365

G Suite or Office 365G Suite or Office 365
Both office suites come with many tools to help you manage your Business more efficiently. Let’s look at those features and see how they compare between Office 365 and G Suite.

Office 365 – Outlook for Business:

You may also create professional email addresses with your domain name using Office 365. For each user, there are 400 email aliases. It uses Outlook, which features a web version, a full-featured desktop email client, and mobile apps as well as a web version. The mobile and web apps for Outlook are not as good as the desktop client, but it is still a popular choice. You can also use your Office 365 email address with other mail clients, and those emails will be delivered to your Gmail inbox.

G Suite – Business Gmail:

You can create email accounts with G Suite by registering a domain name or using an existing one. In addition, each user can have up to 30 email aliases. G Suite is built on the same platform like Gmail, so your corporate email account will have the same look and feel. Gmail apps for mobile devices would be able to read your emails. If you prefer to utilize a desktop mail client, you can use Thunderbird or even Microsoft Outlook to access your email.

Office 365 – Cloud Storage with OneDrive:

With all Office 365 plans, each user gets 1 TB of cloud storage. This is a significant amount of storage, but it is not limitless. Each user receives 50 GB of email storage and their disc storage limit. It stores and manages files with OneDrive, which has desktop, mobile, and online apps. OneDrive, allows you to sync and share files. If you have a Windows 10 or Windows 8 computer, OneDrive is built-in. It is now even easier to save files to the cloud and share them. You may also drag and drop files from OneDrive to Microsoft Office on your computer.

G Suite – Cloud storage using Google Drive:

With the basic plan, each user gets 30 GB of cloud storage, unlimited storage with the business and enterprise plans, and 1 TB of storage if you have fewer than five users on the Business or Enterprise plan. It stores and manages files using Google Drive. It includes apps that you may install on your phone, tablet, or computer. This enables you to view and download files saved in the Drive quickly. Google Drive also makes sharing files with coworkers and others a breeze. You can send files by email, give others permission to view or edit them, or even let them download them. Many WordPress backup plugins now let you save backups to Google Drive. You can securely save all your website backups on the cloud if you have unlimited capacity.

Security Comparison: G Suite vs Office 365

One of their primary concerns is security when small firms use cloud applications. Let’s look at how G Suite and Office 365 protect data stored in their cloud platforms.

Security Options in G Suite

G Suite is based on Google’s cloud architecture and adheres to the same security standards as the company itself. Automatic identification of suspicious behaviour, phishing efforts, and other hacking attempts is part of this. Google gives you the option of setting several policies to prevent unauthorised access to your admin panel or any of your user accounts as an administrator. You can utilise Two-Factor Authentication for all users and make it mandatory.

Security Options in Office 365:

All user credentials in Office 365 can be protected with Multi-Factor Authentication. It also employs its own AI technologies to study each user’s work habits to detect suspicious activity and alert them if anything appears to be out of the ordinary. It also comes with a data loss protection tool that guards against data theft and leaks. Using the device management tool provided by your firm, you can also limit user access to company-issued devices. All documents, emails, and attachments in Office 365 are scanned with Microsoft’s spam, virus, and malware detection capabilities.

Final verdict:

Finally, for the cloud productivity suites G Suite and Office 365 are also excellent options. They together make it potential for your company to team up, and distribute them quickly and easily. Both allow you to work from a choice of locations and on a variety of devices. Thus the above-explained guide assisted you in determining the superiority of Google’s G Suite vs Office 365