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What is the Difference Between Web Hosting and Website Builder?

What is the Difference Between Web Hosting and Website Builder?

Want to launch your first website?

Dealing with Information overload?

Its likely that you have researched about the hosting solutions we offer such as web hosting and website builder to launch your website on the internet.

Okay, I know what you’re thinking

But what is the difference between web hosting and website builder?

Let us analyze Web Hosting and Website Builder individually and look at some of their key features.

Web Hosting

Web hosting means renting out an online location where your website will be stored and made accessible to the visitors. This online server will store information of your website including administrative data to which only you will have access. Web Hosting is a versatile platform used to build your site.

There are three important types of web hosting such as Shared, VPS and Dedicated hosting that cater to different needs of the customers.

Difference Between Web Hosting and Website Builder

Web Hosting Features

Web hosting requires storage, bandwidth, and other resources to maintain a website. Hosting providers usually don’t help the customers with designing their website, rather they provide access to other website builders. Due to this the hosts usually offer website builders with their packages. Besides this, they also offer services like email accounts, SEO tools, automatic backups, and free malware scans. Web hosting is ideal for small business owners and bloggers. Web hosting providers offer more transparency to your online presence.

Web hosting provides speed boosting hardware like solid state drives (SSD) that reduces the time for your website pages to load. This surely will impact your search rankings, traffic, and user experience. SSDs are one of the important web hosting features one can vouch for.

Website Builder

A website builder is a tool that allows users to build a website without any prior knowledge of coding. Website builders are suitable to anyone who has a basic knowledge of technology. A website builder tool has a large variety of website templates and themes to choose from depending on your needs. These tools are user-friendly and come with tutorials and technical support. A website builder follows the DIY method and is intuitive in nature.

Website Builder Features

Website Builder is an ideal tool for anyone who needs to build a website in a short period of time and possess no knowledge of IT or web design. It is loaded with pre-coded templates. A website builder is simple and intuitive that can create pages, add text, photos, videos, and editable templates. Here again to launch a website you don’t need to worry of hosting as it is already included in the package.

Website builder is simple to manage sites and the platform offers a visual, drag-and-drop interface that lets users see what they are creating.

The bottom line is:

Web hosting and website builder fulfills different needs of the customers depending on their requirements. The major difference between web hosting and a website builder is that…

Web hosting is a platform where you can create a website in the way you want, provided you have some knowledge of the coding language. whereas website builder is a tool designed for those users who prefer simple and fast though creation will be limited


Web hosting hosts both websites and website builders whereas a website builder doesn’t host a website. Both web hosting and website builders work best in packages.

Buzinessware makes sure that our customers get the freedom to choose and get optimal usage of a web hosting plan or a website builder. Also, site owners don’t have to choose one as by choosing a good web hosting plan with a website builder will be beneficial.