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The Power of ONE from buzinessware – Middle East Cloud Specialists

A successful business is one of those who has projected the best Online image on the internet. To successfully manage your business presences Online you’d have to focus on three different segments which are WEB, INFRASTRUCTURE, and the ClOUD which is more predominant where every business wants to move ahead and Marry the Cloud which takes away all their IT headcounts and the headache of managing and monitoring the infrastructure 24×7 so that business can focus on their core objective rather their operation issues.


Modern business owner’s who don’t have a robust IT department prefer to outsource their entire IT and lands up in the irony of managing multiple accounts and paying unnecessary bills dealing with multiple vendors, multiple passwords, multiple bills and various supports teams which make’s it very complex for modern era business owner’s, CIO’s and CTO’s to manage everything.


How about you don’t have to travel on this hustle shuttle anymore and opt out for your own private chopper where you own the web, infrastructure and the cloud from a single provider and enjoy all your IT services from one single source either local or global and enjoy significant efficiencies from one single login, one password, one bill, one source of support and one point of control without having to pay any premium to get a premium service.


The Power of One – is a one-stop shop where you don’t have to limit your imagination and you get all the IT services from the Web, Infrastructure & the Cloud which you desire and can enjoy significant efficiencies from one single login, one password, one bill, one source of support and one point of control. Where you get integration, security & mobility as a gift to the CIO’s or CTO’s in your organisation. So, that they stay focused on your core business needs.


  • Web: Domains, Web Hosting, Business Email Hosting, Hosted Exchange, Office 365, SSL Certificates & Online Security
  • Cloud: Public Cloud Servers, Cloud Backups, VMware & Microsoft Azure Cloud platform expertise for Private & Hybrid Cloud implementations
  • Infrastructure: Dedicated Servers, Disaster-Recovery-as-a-Service, and Disaster Software Automation Solutions…and much more
  • International Cloud Partner: Amazon and Microsoft


Imagine having everything you own and everything you know in a little box – We give you one single Control Panel to administrate all services and all devices. Worry free reliability, security, support, onboarding and migration built in which you expect from an on-premise deployment. Customize your cloud environment, change On-the-fly usage from monthly fixed to On-Demand and you meet unexpected peak levels cost efficiently and match your unique business processes.


Managing and operating your applications and data requires a variety of technology services that demand a modern and robust infrastructure platform. Our NEXT GENERATION Data Centers are filled with first class computing, storage, and networking equipment. And our experts are there 24×7 for those rare occasions to troubleshoot.


Customers choose buzinessware because we allow them to outsource more of their IT burden and to reinvest this time, money and energy into their core business.We have full confidence in the security of our products, network, and infrastructure and in our ability to protect your data privacy.



Imrez Bellary Mohammed is the Marketing & Business Development Manager @ Buzinessware for more information reach out to us on [email protected]