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What Is Domain Privacy? Why Is It Important?

If you’re wondering whether you need a domain privacy protection for your website, then the answer is YES!

We live in a web world of scammers and spammers who are lurking around to steal our identity. Therefore, your business deserves privacy protection from these unwanted invaders.

When you purchase a domain from any registrar/hosts there are several add- on features available to choose. One of the add-on features is that of WHOIS Privacy Protection.

What is WHOIS?

WHOIS is a database that stores information of consumers such as their address and contact details along with their registered domain.

Here’s the scary part:

This information is made available to everyone over the internet thanks to WHOIS listings. Yes, you heard that right! To avoid this misfortune to need to purchase domain privacy protection. This blog will explain the importance of domain privacy and its benefits.

Here’s how it works:

A Domain Privacy Protection service will hide all your data and ensure that your business runs smoothly. You can purchase domain privacy at the time of registration.

Protects Personal Data

When you purchase WHOIS privacy your personal information will be hidden and instead information of your domain registrar will be visible to internet users.

Note: If you’re thinking of providing false information at the time of registration, then kindly abort this idea as anyone can report it to ICANN (Internet Association for Assigned Names and Numbers). ICANN allows registrars to monitor consumers data in case of any discrepancies.

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Avert Domain Name Hijacking

Be sure to lock your domain name as this can be easily done with simple settings on the registrar’s domain name management page. This will prevent your domain name on being hijacked by hackers.

Avoid Spam Calls/Emails

Imagine if your data falls into the wrong hands then you might just be a victim to spam calls and emails. So, when you enable the domain privacy this scenario will be avoided, and all those spam calls and emails will be barred.

Prevent Competitors Doing Market Research

Domain privacy protection will keep prying eyes of your competitors away from any of your product lease details. Competitors are always on a lookout to steal ideas for their own business strategies and to prevent this you need to have domain privacy protection services.

To sum up:

Now that you’ve understood the benefits of domain privacy protection it would be a wise step to purchase one. If you want to protect vital information from reaching the hands of hackers and competitors, then domain privacy protection is the way to go about.

Say goodbye to Spam Calls and Emails with the help of Domain Protection Privacy!!!