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Dedicated Server Hosting Vs Cloud Hosting- Which one is better For Your Business?

If you are having a company and making business, choosing between a cloud server vs dedicated server hosting solution is an important decision. In the past, many businesses started on a shared Linux server when first learning about web hosting and later they upgraded to the dedicated servers to support the increased web traffic.

Today, cloud hosting is the new paradigm with which the businesses don’t necessarily need to follow this traditional path and can start building a website on a managed cloud plan. Previously it would have taken more time for the developer to build on a dedicated server independently but now thanks to the new technology.

What is cloud hosting?

A way of hosting the websites by spreading data over several machines is known as cloud hosting. By using the virtual machines the users can manage their data that access the various servers in the cloud. A notable difference when comparing the cloud server and the dedicated server is, in the cloud hosting, it accesses the computing power and services of multiple machines.

How does cloud hosting work?

It is first necessary to understand how cloud servers work when comparing the cloud server with the dedicated server. The cloud web hosting Dubai utilizes a virtual server that uses the cloud computing technology to distribute the data among the connected servers located in different areas.

When it comes to web hosting, it is very essential to understand the difference between the public, private, hybrid, and managed cloud hosting frameworks. Also, you need to know how these services relate to the specific web hosting needs of small businesses and other start-up software companies in Dubai.

Even the business website owners need to understand the differences between software as service, platform as a service and the infrastructure as a service plan.

The plans in cloud hosting will include the managed platform security and this mainly distinguishes them from the dedicated server in UAE with the isolated hardware and customised web server software stack environments.

Advantages of cloud hosting

When it comes to cloud hosting there are a variety of plans, platforms, and services. These are unique to the company and the programming team developing them for the market. One of the main advantages of the cloud hosting plans is they provide the preinstalled elastic web server that supports the custom stack software.

This hosting allocates more RAM, CPU cores thus allowing each site to scale to consume more resources on demand.

What is dedicated server hosting?

This hosting has the potential to have just a single client on a physical server. The single client may require the cluster of servers and this cluster is known as a private cloud. This has been built on virtual technology with many dedicated servers all contributing to the virtual location. The client will only receive the resources that are in the virtual space.

How does dedicated server hosting work?

The businesses lease the dedicated servers from the providers of the dedicated server hosting in Dubai. Then they will have the server customised and configured to their specific needs.

The traditional advantage of such servers is the system administrators can easily configure them for the exact level of web traffic that is required to support the online operations.

The website owners will also need to provision dedicated servers with over-capacity as this will also provide better performance during periods of less than peak traffic activity.

Advantages of dedicated server hosting

When it comes to the dedicated servers, customisation is the key advantage. Most of the companies in Dubai need to handle a lot of traffic or run complicated applications often

The web developers and the programmers require the dedicated server hardware as this can create the custom web server environments for complex application support. Most of the developers will require the dedicated server hardware that can be fully customised to build new applications or support the legacy software. The dedicated servers can be easily optimized through which it can support the high levels of web traffic for media, publishing, promotions and more.

Choosing the right server for your business

The dedicated servers were the traditional way to go and now cloud computing options are becoming increasingly more competitive alternatives for building the small business software solutions at an affordable price. All this together makes the cloud server vs dedicated server debate even more interesting to deal with.

You can even use the hybrid cloud that may be a feasible solution as this can maximise the benefits of both cloud and dedicated hosting.

Choosing the right server is within your hands. There is nothing so bad with both the dedicated server hosting and the cloud hosting as each has its advantages. With all the points mentioned above, you will have to choose the one that suits your business needs. So, considering all this, make sure you choose the right server that your business is comfortable with.