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7 Amazing Things You Can Do With a Dedicated Server.

What Can You Do with a Dedicated Server?

There are so many cool things that you can do with a dedicated server. As we know a dedicated hosting server is far better than shared hosting. It is more flexible and lets you control it completely.

But that’s not it…

There’s so much more you can do with a dedicated server than just hosting websites. So, let us look in detail at those 7 amazing things you can do with a dedicated server.

Things you can Do with a Dedicated Server

#1 Hosting Websites

A dedicated server comes across as the perfect option for hosting websites. It provides you with your own personalized server where you can freely install and update software and hardware. It is ideal for big organizations as it can swiftly handle large amounts of traffic. It will also provide high performance speed and stability for your website.

#2 Virtual Private Network (VPN)

A dedicated server will secure your traffic and other wireless connections through Virtual Private Networks. VPN provides encryption to secure access to a remote computer over the internet. A VPN is useful when you want to keep some important data secured and available to only a few. It increases security and prevents hacking.

#3 Data Sync Service

With the help of data sync service, you can easily upload files onto your dedicated server so that every device connected can access that data. This is usually handled by a cloud network, but with the help of VPNs, files are more secured. This is because only certain devices can connect to the server. It is quite like a VPN which is used to connect computers. Data syncing stores data in one place making it very convenient for any future use.

difference between linux hosting vs windows hosting

#4 Setting Up Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP)

This form of communication utilizes the internet as a transmission medium by sending voice over the internet. Usage of VoIP is very common among businesses as they want to use their own networks and at the same time ensure more control. VoIP has a higher voice quality than a traditional phone for example Skype. You can easily host VoIP on your dedicated server by following a few simple steps.

#5 Personal Cloud Space

A personal cloud space allows you to upload, store, and to retrieve data. The most common form of personal cloud is Dropbox and Google Drive. The cloud has become a fast and reliable method to save and access data. Businesses could profit by providing private cloud space by paying for hosting on a dedicated server. Another key feature of personal cloud space is that it can be used for project management. This will give access to all the staff through different devices.

#6 Dedicated Firewall

Another major advantage of a dedicated server is that it provides a dedicated firewall. Firewalls are important and help to filter all information that comes through the internet to your private network. Filters and flags are set up in the firewall so that certain information and people don’t get through.

#7 Communication Services

Among the many things you can do with a dedicated server is to set up communication services. It includes services like Internet Relay Chat (IRC) or email server. IRC can do much more then chats like for example transferring files, encryption, proxies, etc. People use IRC for private conversations. Whereas, email servers allow to access and manage emails. There are many free email services like Gmail, Hotmail, and Yahoo, however many businesses use their domain name for their emails.

To Conclude:

You can do endless things with a dedicated server. With the help of a dedicated server, you can fulfill more than one role. But do keep in mind the cost of the server too. If you’re going to use a dedicated server then make sure that it will be able to pay for itself. So, with a dedicated server, you can host your own website and attract customers.

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