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Managed vs Unmanaged VPS- What’s the Difference and which is The Right Choice for You?

Is your website growing and continues to attract more views? If so, you will probably want to shift from the shared hosting plan to the VPS hosting plan that can leverage the reliability, power, and functionality for the dedicated server at a very much lower cost. Before getting to know in detail about this topic, first, it is essential to know something about VPS.

What is VPS?

It is crucial to have a look at the extremes of web hosting to get a better sense of what VPS is. As you all know, shared hosting is the most basic form of web hosting. In this, you will get to see one server that is split into multiple accounts and serves different customers. All the customers’ share the server resources such as the disk space, CPU, and RAM. This hosting is not that expensive and is mostly preferred by many people in Dubai when they are just starting a new website. When it comes to the customisation, it is restrictive and if there is any problem with the main server, all the customers’ servers will also be affected.

There is also another end of the web hosting, this is the dedicated servers. With this, the single customer will get the entire server to themselves and there will be no sharing with that of the other customers. This serves as a powerful solution for the websites but they do come at a higher price range.

A hybrid approach was conceived, which is called as VPS hosting, that came to balance the advantages of shared hosting and the dedicated server hosting. VPS hosting gives proper answers to the problems of scalability and limited resources and this is why most website owners in Dubai choose to go with the VPS hosting. When you are choosing the services, it is very important to choose the best VPS hosting Dubai companies that offer an excellent platform to the developers.

Managed and unmanaged VPS hosting

When you search for the most reliable and powerful VPS hosting plan, you would have come across two confusing terminologies and they would have left you a bit confused. These are the managed and the unmanaged VPS hosting.

What is managed VPS hosting?

Managed VPS hosting lets you take more of a hands-off approach. When it comes to the Managed VPS hosting, the web hosting provider will handle all the server related issues. This is more like an auto-pilot. The auto-pilot does pretty much everything and ensures that the plan flies easily. Like that of the auto-pilot, the web hosting provider will take care of the resources of the server and will monitor the server round the clock for any issues. Also, they make the necessary updates and upgrades accordingly.

This remains the best one for the non-technical customers who have little knowledge about setting up and configuring the server.

Advantages of managed VPS hosting

  • 24/7 round the clock monitoring by the web hosting provider, this gives you peace of mind.
  • Non –technical users need not worry about the setup and the configuration of VPS.
  • This offers a high degree of scalability.
  • This can boost the server’s performance and capacity to accommodate more traffic.
  • Server monitoring and maintenance are cost-effective.

What is Unmanaged VPS hosting?

As the name suggests, here the hosting responsibility of managing the VPS is taken away from the provider and is thus placed on the customer. With the unmanaged VPS in Dubai, the customer will be responsible for everything on the VPS. They will have to set up the server, configure and monitor the VPS. This terminology in hosting will require a highly skilled and tech-savvy individual who knows how to configure and manage the VPS alongside other various services and applications. This is probably not recommended for the beginners.

Advantages of unmanaged VPS hosting

  • Cost savings over managed VPS
  • Gives you more control

What VPS hosting should you choose?

Each VPS hosting has its importance and benefits. With the managed VPS hosting you will have a dedicated support team who handles all the aspects of VPS hosting. So, it is good to choose managed VPS hosting considering time as a factor.

Having looked at both the VPSD hosting services, you are the one who should decide what to opt for and what to compromise. Among all these one of the main considerations is a cost in which the unmanaged hosting is less expensive than the managed VPS hosting. Over time, the price gap has tremendously narrowed. The users can trade-in cost for the reliability and the risk assurance from the hosting provider. Also, another important factor that you have to consider is security. Based on all the points, make a good decision at the end of the day.