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Five Factors to Consider When Choosing a Cloud Hosting Service Provider in Dubai UAE

The cloud hosting service providers in Dubai can provide a vast range of services, capabilities, and expertise. When you are making a plan to choose the cloud hosting service provider, it is very important to choose the best cloud hosting providers who offer a secure and reliable infrastructure platform.

Make sure that the platform is capable of supporting and scaling the business operations easily and correctly. For prospective cloud clients, it can be difficult to find the difference between a great cloud hosting service provider and the provider that doesn’t offer the best services.

It is advisable for future cloud users to first develop a clear idea of what they want from their cloud infrastructure provider. With this, they can ask as many as questions to the service providers they feel necessary before making a choice.

Here are five factors that you have to consider for choosing the best cloud hosting service provider. Also with that, there are some important questions that you have to ask your provider before you are choosing them for your business infrastructure hosting needs.

Cloud security

A prospective cloud user should have cloud security at the top in their list when they are choosing the right cloud hosting service in Dubai. In the past, many companies thought that cloud security presented more problems than that of dedicated server hosting.

Then, the technology underlying the cloud platforms and the security was concerned and has matured. Now in many cases storing the data in the cloud is considered to be more secure than that of managing the data’s in –house.

If you are a cloud hosting user there are a few things that you have to ask the provider about the network, server-level, and the physical security measures they have in place.

Cloud services

The term cloud is often used more as a marketing term. Many of the traditional VPS and dedicated service providers have cloud as their services name. Cloud providers indeed offer a variety of cloud services. The major things that come under this are a software as a service, platform as a service, and infrastructure as a service.

Depending on how the underlying physical infrastructure is managed and shared the infrastructure as a service can be broken down. There are the public and the private cloud that have different security, privacy, and cost implications, and also each can be managed or unmanaged.

Before you are choosing the service provider for cloud hosting UAE, make sure you understand the types of cloud platforms and think about which one you want and also the implications the choice of platform has for your business.

Cloud management

Most of the cloud service providers don’t provide management services at all. The cloud hosting service providers take a different approach sometimes, providing the cloud management that allows the clients to focus on building applications and services. They just rely on the clients to ensure that their cloud infrastructure platform is reliable and is always available.

In such cases, security is a key. If your company doesn’t have the in-house expertise to deploy and manage the cloud servers and the securely running servers, you can consider using the managed cloud platforms that will take care of much of the security.

Some of the key questions that you have to keep in mind are,

  • Management service that you provide
  • Level of support your company offers?
  • Will your team support, if there is an issue with the infrastructure?

Certifications and compliance

The infrastructure vendors claim the security and compliance of the platforms. Without third-party verification, it is impossible for a cloud client to consider the quality of a platform.

In this, the premium cloud provider should be in a state to provide evidence of the certification and auditing for industry-standard data center and security certifications.

When you are choosing the cloud hosting service providers there are certain certifications that you have to look out for. Make sure you consider them and choose the best service providers.

Service level agreements

For any cloud infrastructure hosting client security, privacy, and expert support are very important. This is meant if the cloud infrastructure of the organization is not reliable and is not consistently available.

In such areas, the cloud vendors will have mixed records. The more effort that is taken by the cloud service provider, the lower the risk of service disruption. Most of the reliable cloud hosting service providers in Dubai use multiply redundantly networking hardware, power infrastructure and this is to ensure that their systems are consistently reliable and available.

In the process of choosing a service provider who supports your business, you will have to take time to investigate and verify the quality of service before making a decision.