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7 Easy Steps to Make Your Website Mobile-Friendly

Make your website mobile friendly

A mobile – friendly website plays a pivotal role in a mobile web world. We spend almost 3 hours a day on our mobile devices. Top websites are optimized for smartphone users for a mobile friendly web experience.

Believe it or not:

Google has made it clear that it will only cater to mobile users’ mobile- friendly web pages. Most of us prefer to browse the internet on our mobile phone rather than a desktop. So, optimizing your website content for smartphone users is a must even though it might cost you some additional labor and cost.

Now: Let us guide you step- by- step on how to can make your website mobile- friendly.

#1 Responsive Website Design

A responsive design is also known as mobile- friendly design. To build a responsive website you will need the help of a professional or look for a website builder with mobile-friendly templates. Responsive website design takes care of screen size. The screen size will adjust the content to match the screen size.

#2 Easily Accessible Menus

One needs to keep in mind that mobile screens are smaller than desktop screens. Therefore, you must take great care to make them mobile- friendly while designing your menus. On a desktop, the menus usually have a lot of options. But the same cannot be the case with a mobile-friendly website as the mobile screens are small. Try to keep the menu design simple and concise for better mobile user experience.

#3 Avoid Flash

The major disadvantage of flash is that it slows down a page’s load time. Due to this, a user might refuse to work on a device. Android and iOS devices don’t support flash.

Note: If you build your website using flash animation, then your users won’t be able to access your website. So, it would be wise to replace flash with some other web design that will work without it.

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#4 Include a Viewport Meta Tag

Viewport is a browser rendering engine determines how a content is scaled and sized on a mobile screen. Hence, it is an important code without which your site will not work on a mobile device. The viewport meta tag informs your browser to fit the width of your page on your mobile screen. You can also specify various configurations for the viewport to control.

#5 Usage of Large Fonts

Reading on a mobile screen is so much harder if the font is tiny. So, to avoid constraint on your eyes it would be best to use a mobile-friendly font size of 14px. This will help the users to waste no time zooming and reading the content on the screen directly. You may use a smaller font for labels or forms. So, sticking to standard fonts is the best option. Also, avoid using large blocks of text. Large blocks of text are difficult to read and are overwhelming.

#6 Compressed Images and CSS

Many users leave a webpage due to its slow loading time. This is that one thing which we don’t want to happen to us. So, to avoid this you need to use compressed high-resolution images and CSS. This is a good feature for a mobile-friendly website. Try to compress anything which might take up a lot of space. Also, ensure fast loading of the website without compromising the quality.

#7 Perform Mobile Testing

Make sure to repeatedly test your website on your mobile. Spend time browsing your website on your mobile to check if there is content visibility. Try testing your website several times on Android, iPhone, Windows phone, and on a tablet. By doing this you will have a better idea of your website and can easily incorporate changes to make it mobile-friendly.

In a nutshell:

To make a website mobile-friendly you need to keep in mind the above-mentioned steps. Always remember that a responsive website needs to be user-friendly keeping in mind a good quality mobile web experience.

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