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5 Reasons Why a Bulk Email Marketing Service is Essential for Growing Your Online Business


There are many challenges in the process of turning leads into consumers. It is your goal as a marketer to use the appropriate messaging to target the correct leads. But there’s a big problem with this for a lot of firms.

Think about utilizing automation if your marketing campaigns aren’t producing the desired outcomes. This is so that you may more successfully find, prioritize, and nurture leads thanks to marketing automation.

These are the top five ways that marketing automation can increase lead conversion and ROI.

Continue to nurture leads throughout your sales funnel.

Utilizing automated email marketing to educate and develop leads is known as lead nurturing. Using B2B marketing automation to guide leads through the acquisition cycle is the most popular application.

This strategy is especially effective in situations when leads need a great deal of information and trust before making a purchase. Automated workflows can be used to bring prospects through the sales funnel, presenting them with pertinent content at each turn to foster engagement and trust.

Once a lead subscribes to your list, nurture them with relevant content until they are comfortable enough to be transferred to the sales department.

Lead nurturing accomplishes two goals:

  • follows leads while they proceed through the buyer’s journey.
  • Adapt your messaging and digital marketing strategies to the various

Establish lead scoring

B2B leads require qualification in addition to nurturing. This entails setting up a mechanism to ascertain a contact’s current position in the buyer journey.

B2B sales cycles may be intricate and protracted. Furthermore, timing is crucial for a marketer whose duty it is to convey excellent leads to sales. Which method works best for doing this?

Make a model for scoring leads. Based on predetermined criteria or their level of involvement, leads are assigned a “score” by a lead scoring model.

This is handled via marketing automation, which gives leads “points.” This usually happens when they do anything (like click on an email link or browse a product page) that indicates an increasing interest in your company. Points could also be awarded according to qualities. For instance, if one of your targeted accounts’ domain names appears in their email

Creating a custom CRM attribute for the score, identifying the actions that merit points, and establishing an automated workflow to compute the score are the steps involved in configuring a lead scoring model with Brevo.

Furthermore, the lead score itself has the potential to act as an automatic trigger. For instance, a score of 80–90 can cause the contact to be added to a different email list or elicit a specific email (we’ll discuss this in more detail).

Customize material using dynamic customization

Send dynamic content to your target audience once you’ve determined who they are to give them a special, tailored experience. This covers everything, from purchase confirmations to personalized product recommendations.

With the help of dynamic content, you can design customized email campaigns that automatically adapt to the information provided by your subscribers. There’s no need to create separate templates for every unique situation.

With just a few clicks, you can send customized emails that highlight the most relevant content and provide product recommendations depending on the recipient’s interests.

Segment your audience to better target them.

Email list segmentation increases engagement and produces more relevant messages. Your audience can be divided into groups according to a variety of factors, including behavior, tastes, and demographics.

The relevance of your communications will increase thanks to marketing automation, which enables targeted and tailored communication. If your automation solution (Brevo, for example) allows for dynamic segmentation, setup is simple. With Brevo, you can set up automated workflows that shift contacts to designated lists based on email engagement, web pages visited, and other factors.

Give leads priority and encourage conversion

It takes a lot of time to turn leads into paying clients. To optimize your return on investment, you must properly target leads. This entails giving priority to leads that have the best chance of converting. Lead scoring facilitates the identification of these leads through marketing automation.

Provide them with exclusive discounts or time-limited offers as soon as you’ve identified your high-value prospects. Alternatively, you can programmatically send out reminders via email and SMS. In this manner, you may entice clients to return and prevent losing out on important sales.


An effective internet marketing strategy that can reach a large number of addressees and enhance consumer satisfaction is email marketing.