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Email Security & Spam Filtering product features

With EmailProtect by buzinessware, you get best email anti-spam solution with no need of any additional hardware or software to protect your emails against malware, ransomware, spear-phishing and advanced persistent threats (APTs)

Advanced Phishing Protection

Buzinessware email filtering solutions prevent whaling and spear phishing by scanning all inbound emails in real time

Advanced Threat Protection

Buzinessware’s ATP defense uses Inbuilt Bayesian auto learning and heuristics to defend against advanced threats and evolving cyberattack techniques

Email Protection

Buzinessware advanced spam protection protects your business by blocking spam, viruses, malware, ransomware and links to malicious websites from your emails

Protection from Zero Day Attacks

A secure solution for email needs the ability to anticipate new attacks using predictive technology

Proven Spam Solution

Most importantly it’s an advanced and highly effective email spam filtering solution. It has a market leading 99.99% Spam Catch Rate with a 0.003% false positive rate

5 Star Security Solution

Buzinessware is a multi-award winning email security solution. Rated a 5-star anti-spam solution by the users of Spiceworks, Capterra, G2 Crowd and has won no less than 37 consecutive Virus Bulletin Spam awards

Affordable Monthly Billing

It is a very affordable, effective and easy to use solution simply set and forget

Easy to Manage Email Security

Set-up is very easy and your business will see immediate results. Buzinessware is easy to deploy, manage and use

Double Anti Virus Protection

Double anti-virus protection so your spam email protection is twice as effective

Industry Leading Support Team

Renowned for our focus on supporting customers with 98% satisfied customer rate in 2020

Whitelisting, Blacklisting & Greylisting

Allows whitelisting and blacklisting, advanced reporting, recipient verification and outbound scanning of email

Office 365 Additional Protection Layer

Strengthen your Office365 email security against Malware through a defense in depth approach

Data Leak Prevention

Buzinessware adds powerful data leak prevention rules to prevent internal data loss

Dedicated RBLs

Buzinessware includes 6 specialist Real Time Blacklists (RBLs), ensuring all listed domain names or URLs are rejected or quarantined

Email Content Filtering

Buzinessware includes comprehensive content filtering rules providing a high degree of granularity needed to protect against web-borne threats

Security Against Infected Attachments

Allows the blocking of specified attachments by type (per domain) i.e. ZIP files

Spam Quarantine Reports

Extensive and detailed quarantine reports allowing end users control their account

Customizable Policies

Each user, domain, domain group and overall system has its own block list

Outbound Email Scanning

Buzinessware corporate spam filter scans all outbound emails for both spam and malware, and blocks any that may result in your organization´s IP address from being blacklisted


Powerful next-gen sandbox security solution that protects against advanced email attacks

Email is your biggest security risk. Is your business safe?

Email is the most-commonly used attack vector for cyber crime. To reduce the risk of data breaches caused by outsider threats and human error, adding an extra layer of security for your email is more than a good idea—it’s essential

of malware is delivered via email, making it the most common attack vector (Verizon, 2019)
increase in average number of companies targeted by imposter email in 2019 vs. 2018 (Proofpoint, 2019)
of data breaches include either phishing or malware as their method of delivery (Verizon, 2019)
Email Security

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Yes, it Will

Yes , we do along with total control on Quarantine Directory. End users received detailed quarantined reports that enabled them to manage their accounts.

Buzinessware provides. An advanced and effective spam filter is included in the All-in-One Email Protection system, with a 99.99 percent spam catch rate and a 0.003 percent false positive rate.

We support the most recent encryption standards such as MTA-STS, TLS-RPT, and DANE, as well as client certificates in both server and client, granular TLS protocol, cypher control, and SNI with the All in One Email Protection.

We provide one of the most advanced phishing protection which includes whaling and spear phishing by scanning all inbound emails in real time. Click here.

We keep upgrading our systems to provide our customers with the best in class threat protection. We provide multi-tier spam, phishing, virus and ransomware protection with integrated content filters from Cyren & Sophos with support for many others.

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“Been with these guys for many years and they give a great service and product at a very fair price...whenever I have an IT issue, they are on hand to fix it...Rohan was amazing. I had issues with my emails, and he sorted it out so quickly...saved my life almost :) thanks guys. Once again need help and Chintamani did a great job guys rock!”

Best Email Security Provider in UAE - With email protection by Buzinessware, you get UAE's best email anti-spam solution with no need for any additional hardware or software to protect your emails

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