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In Dubai since 2002, we are your most trusted Virtual Private Server (VPS) provider in UAE with different server management levels as per your business needs and 24/7 local support

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Experience 3x fast VMs deployed from high-end infrastructure with Intel Xeon processors. Enterprise-grade KVM virtualization enables higher security and networking performance


Every server comes with high-performing, high availability persistent SSD-based block storage

Unlimited Hosting Accounts

Create unlimited hosting accounts with optional cPanel/Plesk control panels and make web administration easy

Full Control

Get root/administration access, configurations and varying server management levels as per your business needs


Create network-based policies and restrict access to your server

Monitoring & Alerts

Monitor server performance and receive alerts when problems arise in your infrastructure


Core network is monitored 24/7 and protected from any DDoS attacks

IP v4.0/v6.0

Configure network of your VPS easily with dedicated IPv4.0 or IP v6.0


10,000+ happy customers trust us

Digital Eye Media

“I have moved one of our website and emails to Buzinessware after trying with 2 other providers in UAE. Migration was seamless and experienced possibly the very best customer service of all time. Service agents are knowledgeable enough to help and adept enough to explain solutions in such way that layman can understand easily. Their pricing is also very reasonable. I would highly recommend Buzinessware to everyone”

Khalil Jadallah

“Number one hosting & services in UAE. I’ve been customer and dealing with them since 2016. Amazing and fast responding from the support team fast and quick help from the team Jayesh help more and follow up with me step by step till solve the issue in 20 min Thank you Best Team Buzinessware FZCO Dubai”

Hussain Alnahla

“My websites are hosted by Buzinessware - I had a problem with my email, and it is really a critical issue and can’t work without the email. Also, I am not an expert in managing issues related to domains. Contacted the support team and was attended by Mr. Rohan who directed me step by step to update the DNS and solve my issue in a very short time with excellent support. Many thanks for this excellent service and well-done Rohan :)”

Binayah Real Estate

“We recently upgrade our server with BW and very happy with the process and whole up gradation dose not impact our daily work routine as they ask you for the best time to make such changes. GOOD JOB”

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Platform has all the functional capabilities available to all customers. Server management levels define the one-time professional services & ongoing managed services we will provide. Our Managed Server Delivery Framework provides setup, 24/7 support, managed security and operational management to help you do more with less

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Security Hardening
Migration (Websites/Applications)
1 Included
3 Included
5 Included
Initial Security Scanning & Handover


Support Level
24 /7 Standard
24/7 Priority
24/7 Rapid
Response Time
Critical :- Server & services are down
Moderate :- Server is up and some services are down
Minimal :- Server and services are up. Other requests
Critical: 2 hours
Moderate: 8 hours
Minimal: 12 hours
Critical: 1 hour
Moderate: 4 hours
Minimal: 8 hours
Critical: 30 minutes
Moderate: 2 hours
Minimal: 4 hours
Support Requests
Support Channels
Knowledge Base
Control Panel
Knowledge Base
Live Chat
Knowledge Base
Live Chat


Server Uptime
Any 3


Infrastructure Issues
Patch Management
Alerts & Mitigations
SSL Certificates installations
1 SSL Certificate
Upto 5 SSL Certificates
Service Requests
Monitored Services
Firewall Management
Log Management

Managed Data Protection - Backup & Security

Data Backup
50 GB Storage included
Advanced Security & EDR


Automated Server Performance Reporting & Capacity Planning
vps hosting

Support that puts you in control of your business 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Best-in-class 24/7 technical support as standard for all subscriptions under your account

  • Free Migration & Onboarding
  • 24*7 Support Availability
  • Multiple Support Channels
  • Unlimited Support Requests
  • Self Service Platform
  • Measured Response Time
  • Priority Support Add-on
  • Enterprise Support Add-on
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A Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting is a type of web hosting that involves the use of virtualization technology to create a dedicated environment on a shared server. This allows users to have a private space on a server that is independent of other users on the same server. A VPS is created by partitioning a physical server into multiple virtual machines using virtualization software. Each virtual machine runs its own operating system and is allocated a certain amount of resources, such as CPU, RAM, and disk space. VPS hosting is often used by website owners who require more control over their hosting environment than shared hosting can provide, but who don't need the full resources of a dedicated server. VPS hosting can offer more stability, security, and flexibility than shared hosting, while being more affordable than a dedicated server. VPS hosting can be managed or unmanaged. With managed VPS hosting, the hosting provider takes care of server maintenance, security, and software updates. With unmanaged VPS hosting, the user is responsible for managing the server, installing software, and performing maintenance tasks.

You gain complete isolation on a physical server when you use VPS Hosting available in Dubai, UAE. Other users will have no impact on your Virtual Private Server, and you will have root access to install whatever apps you need. Your VPS Hosting plan's CPU, RAM, HDD, and bandwidth will always be available for your applications. A VPS hosting provides all of the benefits of a dedicated server at a lower cost.

Yes. You can select OS from the available list for your VPS Hosting and configure.

Yes. You can choose between cPanel and Plesk depending on your needs.

No, you will have fixed storage available on your VPS Hosting. You can either upgrade VPS Hosting plan to higher level or migrate to cloud.

Self-management features are available in our unified cloud platform. You can leverage it.

We provide VPS Hosting in Dubai, UAE that is self-managed. It implies that you are solely responsible for the configuration and management of your VPS. On the one hand, unmanaged VPS provide unparalleled flexibility and independence. On the other side, you'll need to acquire the necessary skills and technical knowledge to fully utilise the capabilities of your hosting account.

A Virtual Private Server (VPS) is a type of web hosting service that provides users with a virtualized server environment, allowing them to have full control over their operating system, applications, and settings. Here are some of the uses of a VPS: 1. Website hosting: VPS is commonly used to host websites, especially for businesses that require high-performance and security features. 2. Application hosting: VPS can be used to host applications that require dedicated resources such as RAM, CPU, and disk space. This is useful for businesses that require specific software or applications that cannot be run on shared hosting. 3. Game server hosting: VPS can be used to host game servers, allowing gamers to have a dedicated environment to play games with their friends or with other players around the world. 4. Development and testing: VPS can be used as a development and testing environment for software engineers and developers. 5. Data backup: VPS can be used to store and backup data, especially for businesses that require regular backups of their critical data. 6. VPN hosting: VPS can be used to host Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) that allow users to access the internet securely and privately. Overall, a VPS provides users with more flexibility and control over their hosting environment, making it a popular choice for businesses and individuals who require high-performance and secure hosting solutions.

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Best VPS Hosting Plans in UAE - Get reliable VPS Hosting in UAE with different server management levels per your business needs. We are providing VPS Hosting in UAE (Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Ajman, & Ras Al Khaimah) to all customers at affordable prices

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Discover the top VPS Hosting Services from Buzinessware:

With numerous server functionalities, we at Buzinessware provide total access comparable to a devoted server at a much lower price. Our staff will assist you in setting up VPS Web Hosting on various OS platforms using the most effective virtualization methods. Our VPS hosting UAE is an enterprise-class computing platform with flexibility and cost-effectiveness without sacrificing security. We know your company is expanding quickly, and you need a platform that will enable you to maintain it while growing rapidly to meet your expanding requirements. Every company can benefit greatly from using our VPS solutions to increase productivity and work more quickly, intelligently, and effectively.

Our top features of VPS Hosting:

Multi-Server Administration:

You require additional servers. You can expand your account with additional VPSs or Shared and Dedicated Hosting services and easily handle everything in one location.

Login Management:

Ensure your credentials only allow access to the areas of your account you want. Issue a single copy for possession details, a single copy for server management, or a single master password for everything.

Superior Skills:

Our VPS servers, including Secure Shell access, server-side includes, log file access, and web-based managers for files, databases, and email support everything you need

File administration:

Use the file transfer protocol to upload, download, or change files on your virtual server. You can set up as many FTP profiles as you want for your needs.

Database Administration:

Our VPS Hosting Company in Dubai has specifically created a database manager that makes it simple to arrange, edit, and handle databases on the server.

Effective VPS protection:

Your virtual Hosting environment is kept secure by our cutting-edge hardware, software firewalls, and internal security package. The regular server backups will give you additional piece of mind.

We support you the best:

We at Buzinessware are one of the top VPS hosting companies in Dubai and offer each client the advantage of a dedicated server at a portion of the price with our VPS solutions. When assisting clients in countries other than India, we at Buzinessware can offer multi-geographic zone access. For genuinely global access, our data centers. Our rapid response support is accessible with our entire virtual server hosting solutions for customers. We help with the migration, setup, and ongoing service monitoring elements of managed VPS service Hosting.

Our best VPS hosting services offer exceptional uptime for businesses, on par with or better than any other VPS Hosting service. In order to deliver a superior end-user experience, we at Buzinessware also give a pricing structure that reduces expenses while enhancing reliability and performance.

  • For small and medium-sized companies, scalable cloud server infrastructure
  • Editing documents collaboratively
  • Holding a private video teleconference
  • Relationship Handling with Customers
  • Custom task administration and project management
  • Activities are streamed live
  • Balancing loads and keeping track of data between various other servers

Types of VPS Hosting:

Managed VPS Hosting:

It pertains to a VPS with a control panel and pre-installed essential software. Even non-experts can profit from private Hosting because most hosting companies provide additional management services on top of this Hosting stack.

Unmanaged VPS Hosting:

It is typically less expensive than managed because you only receive your plan's most basic hosted services. You only receive an operating system and a text-based interface. This is an excellent method to cut costs and gain more freedom for some DIY users. But the managed process is worth the added costs for most users.

What makes us different from others?

In terms of offering a high degree of security and safety to your data and information, we are the best VPS service provider.

High speed:

We at Buzinessware provide VPS that is both strong and user-friendly using open-source technology. Additionally, we achieve genuine breakthrough speed by utilizing cutting-edge components in constructing our servers.

Free HTTPS certificate:

A secure link to your website is made possible by an SSL, which also enables e-Commerce and secures personal data.

Immediately distribution:

Get moving quickly by standing up. Unlike most VPS Hosting solutions, we created our VPS servers to provision instantly, which takes hours or days to start. Utilize your computer as soon as you need it.

Superior management panel:

Our upgraded c-Panel interface is included with every VPS setup. It consists of all of our Shared solution's components and unique VPS administration and WHM control tools.

Controlled activities:

Get 24/7 advanced expert assistance and VPS Hosting options, including server setup, migration, hardening, proactive monitoring, and a specialized server eco-system.

Contact us:

We are a reliable VPS Hosting assistance service that provides assistance for various internet companies. Our best VPS Hosting services have a wide range of hosting options for your site, giving you a better performance. Get in touch with us for the next level of performance that can be used for shared Hosting to provide you with more functionality and improved performance.