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List Of Noteworthy Domains To Consider For Email Extension

When you choose the name for the business, personal blog, or website, you have to consider a few vital things. Initially, register the domain name that will be easy for the target audience to remember and ensure no spelling mistake, hyphen or numbers. Next, you have to get the domain name that will reflect the brand or the business. To have a complete idea of what domain extension to choose, here you can find the four most common domain name extensions and the reasons to pick them out


It is the domain name that will focus on any particular Emirates location. Emirati internet users expect to see the website with the domain name .AE. Whether you are a local Emirati or small business owner, a teacher, an engineer or just a person who will appreciate iconic high rises and starry nights in the desert, and then it means that .AE domain is for you. Further, it will also help with the top ranking in the SERP ranking.


It is the domain name that will focus on any particular Emirates location. Emirati internet users expect to see the website with the domain name .AE. Whether you are a local Emirati or small business owner, a teacher, an engineer or just a person who will appreciate iconic high rises and starry nights in the desert, and then it means that .AE domain is for you. Further, it will also help with the top ranking in the SERP ranking.


Next to .com, .net is the other common extension that most people would prefer. The extension was originally used for the internet services providers or network but is now serving as the strong alternative for the .com. There is a high association for .net with the recent technology and the web-based services. Due to this reason, it would mean that .net would be the right choice for the website in the technology sector.


It is the extension used initially for non-profit organizations such as charities. It is a highly popular choice of extension for several non-governmental, political parties, non-profit or any online community type of organization that will be best suited with the organization. It is less popular than the vastly favoured .com extension, which means you have a greater chance of acquiring the chosen domain with this particular extension.

However, this extension does not work well with all types of business. For instance, the .org extension is also commonly associated with the community, and knowledgeable websites trying to run the e-commerce website with the .org extension will lead to confusion and misdirection for the visitors.

The bottom line

Nobody can dispute that one particular domain is the most popular or top-level domain for the business. However, choosing the right domain has a lot to deal with the brand and SEO ranking. So, ensure you are making enough research on the domains and choosing the most suitable one.

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Top 5 Must Have Domain Extensions

When choosing the domain name for your business or personal website you need to give equal importance to the domain name as well as your domain extension. First of all, you need to select the right name that portrays your business to your target audience and the niche you want to target. Domain name extension is an important aspect to consider when choosing the domain name. Here is the list of the top 5 domain name extensions which will help you to have an idea about choosing the best one for your needs:

.Ae Domain extension:

Gulf region is truly becoming the central hub for many businesses as you can witness many global companies started focusing on emirates market and increasing their presence these days. Hence there is no surprise that more and more businesses started looking to get their .ae domain name in Dubai, UAE. There are lots of geography-based domain extensions are available online and the most popular among them is the .ae domain name extension. It is the domain name extension that is specifically designed for the United Arab Emirates. AEDA ( is the authorized entity for .ae domain extension and they handle this extension much similar to other companies that handle their respective domain extension.

If you have plans to move your business to the Arab Emirates then it is imperative to have a .ae domain extension that helps you to attract local clients or customers. You can buy this domain extension for any locations in emirates like Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, and others as well. If you want to target the Emirati market and improve your local presence there then getting a .ae domain extension will be the ideal choice for you. AE has eight Arab Emirate domain names: .ae,,,,,, and


.com has become the universal standard for businesses and it is highly popular. This is mainly because the .com extension can be used anywhere regardless of where you registered your business. It works well for businesses who want to promote their business globally. For SEO purposes you gain more credibility and better page results when you are using the .com domain name extension when compared to others.


This domain name extension is not so popular as .com. it is mainly used by technology-related businesses. Since it is not so popular you can get the brand name that perfectly suits your business. Since it is mainly used by technology-related businesses others are preferring it. For instance, restaurants won’t prefer to use the .net extension.


Like .ae, .sa extension is one of the most popular geography-based domain extensions used by Saudi Arabia people. Anyone can use this extension but the registrant must be a citizen of the Saudi Arabia or running their businesses in the Saudi Arabia. This extension can be a great tool to position your brand in Saudi Arabia locations.

Final thoughts:

Domain name extensions are crucial to portray your business nature and getting better rankings in different search engines. If you are running your business in the emirates then it is high time to go with the .ae domain name extension in Dubai, UAE.

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