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How Much Does a Domain Name Cost?

Planning an online venture???

To begin with, you will have to secure a domain name. Without a domain name, you can’t exist on the internet. There are millions of websites on the internet. If you want to make your website stand out from others, then you will need a unique and easy to remember domain name. Basically, a domain name is your website name developed to identify computers.

You should choose a domain name that will represent your company’s products and services.

Question: How much does a domain name Cost?

The cost of a domain name will depend on the registrar you choose. Each domain registrar will charge a different price depending on the set of packages and perks. A domain can be as cheap as $10 or as expensive as 16 million. The cost of a domain name will also depend on the domain extension. The more popular domain extensions are .com, .net, .org .info, .biz, .ae domain which fall under the TLD (Top Level Domains) The cost of top-level domains is never stable. The newer domain extensions are .design, .global and. Cheap. The domain extensions have add- on features that you need to select at the time of registration.

Fact: The most expensive domain names are the ones available at auction houses through private sellers.

The domain prices keep changing as long as buying and selling of domains will go on.

To begin with web hosting, you can invest the minimum on a domain and web hosting services. Depending on the type of hosting you choose the cost will vary.

how much domain name cost

Domain Registrar Scams

This is another tactic used by untrustworthy registrars giving discounted prices to the buyers. These registrars offer discounts if a domain is purchased for a longer duration. The scammers play safe with no refund policy just in case the customer wants his money back. Therefore, it is necessary to learn a few tricks before purchasing a domain.

Aftermarket Domain

An aftermarket domain is a secondary market for internet domain names. If you’re interested in acquiring an already registered domain, then you can bid or negotiate a price for from the seller for that domain.

Aftermarket domains are new entities by themselves. They hold onto domains until someone comes with a good bid for it. The value of these domains depends on branding, traffic, and simplicity. Some domains available are very expensive and you might end up paying in thousands for a specific domain name that you want.

To sum up

The cost of a domain usually depends on search engine rankings, traffic, and usage of keywords.

For a beginner, the price of a domain name can be overwhelming. Don’t fall for cheap domain packages as they usually have hidden costs. A costly package will be loaded with additional tools that will help you to build your website faster.

Nevertheless, domain names are vital for your business’s success in the web world. A domain name should align with your company. If you’re, keen on a specific domain name for your company then you will have to pay a high price for it. Whereas for others who are registering a new domain name will have to pay a minimal cost.

A word of caution:

Look for hidden fees, discounts and scams in the domain agreement.