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Flexible security and operations platform for large-scale email services

Buzinessware Anti-spam powered by Halon is a cloud-based secure email gateway that filters your organization’s inbound email to protect users from cyber threats and spam

It Block malicious or unwanted email at the perimeter of your network, before it consumes any of your bandwidth. Buzinessware Anti-spam delivers the fastest and most comprehensive security in the industry

per month
  • Inbound filtering
  • Quarantine Directory
  • Blacklist / whitelist

Why buzinessware makes perfect business sense

Since 2002, 10,000+ businesses trust us as their cloud provider of choice

Why bw we are
ISO, Azure, ICANN, AWS...
Why bw world class
Data Centers
Middle East & Global DC'\s
Why bw 24/7/365
ITIL based service operations
Why bw EAsy
Unified Control Panel
Why bw Flexible
Pricing Models
Consumption / Subscription

Whats in the box / Technical Features

Buzinessware Email Security - Premium Inbound/Outbound Spam Protection keeps reputation of your domain good always

With buzinessware Email Security, your domain or IP will never get blacklisted by RBL communities. Reputation of domain will be always good enable smooth email transactions. Email Security Server filters all incoming and outgoing emails based on thousands of policies set and act accordingly. As a result, Spam emails will stop reaching to your inbox


  • User friendly web-based portal
  • IP/Domain/Email ID Blacklist
  • Access to Quarantine Directory
  • Track Email delivery


  • Inbox Protection
  • Domain Reputation maintenance
  • Automated block/quarantine of suspicious emails
  • Double layer Protection


  • 24/7/365 local support from experts
  • Access to Comprehensive Knowledge Base
  • FREE Consultation
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