Get personalized, hassle-free access to remote IT for X hours per year - as your virtual CIO, webmaster, or your system administrator

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Success packs include all features below

Virtual CIO

As your trusted Internet Technology partner, we review, record & recommend steps to exploit capabilities within their current environment, define future needs to enable competitive advantage & help optimize all your digital assets - Domain, Hosting, Websites, Emails, End-user Computing, Cloud & infrastructure, Backup & Security

Webmaster Services

  • Install scripts, themes, plugins
  • Update content & blog posts
  • Integrate API's & online payments
  • Add web pages & modules
  • Fix broken links, issues & errors
  • Ensure website backup, security & performance

24 x 7 Local Support

Our support comprises of 6 distinct teams, each delivering a specific business value & working towards a common goal of delivering customer experience excellence

System Administrator Services

  • Install new scripts, patches, software's & licenses
  • Configure SSL, domains, email settings
  • Resolve server issues, security & performance
  • Server patches rollbacks, service restart & disk management
  • OS updates, rebuilds, patches & configurations
  • High CPU/Process/Memory Usage Mitigation
  • Infrastructure Provisioning
  • Database optimization & troubleshooting
  • Remote IT Support & endpoint protection
  • Backup & Disaster Recovery
  • Workload Migration (Server, Applications, Databases)

Hours per year plans


All plans include
< 8 hours Initial Response Time
Access to Customer Success Specialists
Quarterly Service Report & Reviews

New website build not allowed
All content, images to be provided
Few services require subscription