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1 vCPU, 512MB RAM, 20GB SSD

AED 33.50/mo

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Powerful virtual servers with low, predictable pricing for all your business needs


AED 51.50/mo

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All Plans

  • Instant provisioning
  • Free consultation
  • 24/7/365 Customer Care
  • 1 IPv4
  • Server monitoring
  • SSH terminal access (Linux/Unix)
  • Unified control panel
  • RDP access (Windows)
  • Secure key management

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10,000+ happy customers trust buzinessware


Best-in-class technology infrastructure with a 99.9% uptime SLA


Behind the scenes

Always on infrastructure engineered for high level performance & blazing speed for even the heaviest workloads

Built for speed

State-of-the-art infrastructure to provide the most powerful servers on cloud with consistent performance

Trust is earned

securely deploy your application in SOC Type II certified, Tier III data centers in Middle East region

Operations Services
Beyond Metal

Multi-Cloud Managed

Best in class, customer-centric managed multi-cloud services tailored to deliver accountability, agility & 24/7 reliability


Webmaster Managed

Buzinessware Managed Webmaster Services is most efficient & cost-effective way to manage & optimize your online presence



Buzinessware Professional Services delivers real business value by helping customers achieve desired business outcomes


24/7 Local Support

Our customer-first philosophy combined with ITIL service management framework helps drive your success from day one


Compute, storage and networking flexibility as per your business needs

99.99% Uptime SLA

If we fail to deliver, we’ll credit you for downtime


Enterprise-grade KVM hypervisors improve network performance and security


Monitor server performance and receive alerts when problems arise in your infrastructure

Cloud Firewalls

Setup network-based policies. Tag the servers and the appropriate rules are applied immediately


As an add-on you can take a virtual copy of your data and have a version to revert back to anytime

Enterprise SSDs

Every server comes with high-performing, high availability persistent SSD-based block storage

Scalable Storage

Add more block storage space to your server or mix-and-match IOPS to suit your application's needs

Load Balancers

Add load balancers and distribute the traffic to increase your application’s availability


Configure your network simply and securely, including up-to-date range of IPv4/IPv6 addresses

Floating IPs

Associate an IP address with a different server to receive your production traffic at a moment's notice


Full DNS management allows you to easily control every aspect of your domain’s DNS settings

Private Networking

Enables servers to communicate within the same data center at no additional bandwidth costs


Launch your operating system or application stacks with a single click

Why buzinessware

Hosting with buzinessware makes business sense


Host in Middle East


24/7/365 Standard Local Support included with every subscription

In-country Data

Be secure & compliant by storing your data in-country

20x Faster

Host in-country & get 20X faster web page loading speeds

10,000+ happy customers trust buzinessware. IT'S YOUR TURN NOW

Faisal Khadia
“Expert service, high notch VPS SSD servers hosting, and other related services I am using many different services of Buzinessware. Their sales representative Ms. Hanah Donato is very quick response person Also their support team is available 24/7 and reply in few movements. Also, Dhiraj Vikrant, Ajit and Jayesh is very supportive and solve issue instantly Suggested service”
Smita Raj
Buzinessware is truly a professional company. They have excellent support system to assist and resolve the any sort of issue(s) raised by the clients. I am Sharing my personal experience. I strongly recommend Buzinessware company.
Adarsh Narayanan
“I have been through a lot of IaaS companies in my experience, and BuzinessWare beats them all by a mile. The support SLA is 5 stars rated, they are very speedy, and I have personally had a very good time dealing with this team. They are extremely flexible and professional in their services. I would highly recommend them to companies based out of the UAE or Saudi. Keep it up team!”
Swiss Presso
“Number one hosting & services in UAE. I’ve been customer and dealing with them since 2016. Amazing and fast responding from the support team fast and quick help from the team Jayesh help more and follow up with me step by step till solve the issue in 20 min Thank you Best Team Buzinessware FZCO Dubai”
Binayah Real Estate
“We recently upgrade our server with BW and very happy with the process and whole up gradation dose not impact our daily work routine as they ask you for the best time to make such changes. GOOD JOB”
Ashraf Shark
“It is a great experience with Buzinesware, I am with them since the last 3 years and renewed for another 3 years. They have an immense support and especially Mr. Chintawani support was remarkable and prompt. I strongly recommend whoever is concerned to join them without hesitation.”

Migrate to the Best VPS Hosting with Us

Buzinessware virtual server hosting provides full access to a dedicated server for a fraction of the cost, with different server functionalities such as mail servers, managed backups, control panels, firewall configurations, and much more. Our experts in UAE can assist you in setting up VPS web hosting on a variety of operating systems using the most advanced virtualization techniques. Our virtual private servers come with 24x7 rapid response supports. Our VPS is a business-class computing environment that provides flexibility and cost-effectiveness without sacrificing security. We recognize that your business is fast expanding, and you require a platform that can keep it intact while rapidly scaling up to meet the growing demands. Our VPS hosting solutions in UAE, Dubai may be of tremendous assistance to any organization, both small and large, optimizing their performance and working faster, smarter, and better.

Buzinessware provides hosting for virtual private servers to businesses.

We offer virtual private server hosting packages built to your specifications for enterprises and businesses in UAE searching for a hosting firm nearby. We also provide superior managed VPS server hosting for businesses worldwide, with data centres in UAE. Virtual server hosting is a low-cost and secure option for businesses of all sizes and sectors to maximize their internet presence. Buzinessware VPS hosting solutions in Dubai remove shared server delay and resource depletion while lowering the cost of dedicated private servers.

Why do you need to pick our VPS hosting?

Powerful VPS add-ons:

  • Backup: Use Acronis to backup, protect, and restore your data in the cloud.
  • Storage expansion: Add additional SSD volumes to your existing disc.

Immediate provisioning:

  • While some VPS Hosting providers in UAE, Dubai take hours or days to set up your server, we do not charge any setup fees, unlike many virtual server hosting service providers.

User has complete root access:

  • Our Dubai VPS servers include complete root access, allowing administrators to manage your hosting environment, as well as the ability to install custom software without limits.
  • Furthermore, our server management panel in UAE, Dubai provides you with total server control through activities such as rebuild, web-based VNC, restart, shutdown, resource monitoring, and much more.

VPS server integrated panel:

  • Our VPS hosting servers in UAE are powered by high-performance computer solutions, SSD storage drives, and top-tier network links
  • Furthermore, the virtualization environment and density have been meticulously adjusted for rock-solid performance.

Virtual server hosting technical specifications

VPS server hosting with guaranteed resources:

Our Linux KVM-based VPS in Dubai offers continual top-tier performance, and the server's resources may be increased as your business grows.

Protected environment:

Every VPS server in Dubai is fully isolated from the other tenants, and you can improve server security using cPanel/Plesk.

Server hardware at the cutting edge:

The most recent servers have higher compute, memory and are equipped with SSD-based storage, and all of this contributes to enhanced VM performance.

Our VPS hosting features

Complete personalization:

Your VPS hosting can be customized based on your level of technical expertise with us in Dubai. Gain root access to your server, select an operating system and decide whether or not to install cPanel.

High-level security and privacy:

Keep your virtual hosting environment safe with cutting-edge hardware and software firewalls, as well as our internal security suite. Routine server backups provide even more peace of mind. At Buzinessware, our top priorities are your online security and privacy, and we will always stand out for individuals' and consumers' online rights. Our objective is to maintain the Internet open, free, and secure for everyone.

Fast and furious:

Enjoy 20X faster storage with pure Solid State Drive (SSD) storage, designed to outperform traditional Hard Disk Drives (HDD) used by VPS competitors. As a result, significant enhancements to the speed, performance, and loading times of your website.

World-class assistance:

Do you have any queries, want to talk about your customization choices, or improve your Server management? You can rely on Buzinessware in UAE, Dubai to assist you in any situation. You are protected by a support team well-known for being among the most knowledgeable, pleasant, and professional in the industry. Real people are available to help you with any problem, at any time, 24 hours a day, and seven days a week.

Virtual server hosting technical specifications

VPS server hosting with guaranteed resources:

Our Linux KVM-based VPS in Dubai offers continual top-tier performance, and the server's resources may be increased as your business grows.

Protected environment:

Every VPS server in Dubai is fully isolated from the other tenants, and you can improve server security using cPanel/Plesk.

Server hardware at the cutting edge:

The most recent servers have higher compute, memory and are equipped with SSD-based storage, and all of this contributes to enhanced VM performance.

What can you do with our VPS hosting service?

Scales with your company:

If your company expands in size, your VPS will be ready. Easy scalability allows you to start as small as you can afford and grow when you need more CPU power, disc space, or bandwidth.

Maintain control:

Because you do not focus on your virtual neighbours, your resources are isolated in their virtual environment, allowing you to achieve superior stability and performance. You have absolute control over how your website is run, whether through installing a bespoke application or settings.

With the right prices, you have power:

Allow your firm to soar, not your budget. By providing you with all of the resources, you require at a lesser cost.

Frequently Asked Questions

A VPS hosting environment is a multi-tenant system that replicates a dedicated server. Each VPS hosting server receives dedicated resources from the host server, resulting in high dependability and performance.

VPS has a plethora of applications. It can be used to upgrade from shared hosting, web hosting server, CMS's, custom applications, test environment, and so on.

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Buzinessware is one of the leading VPS hosting providers in UAE, Dubai and with our VPS hosting solutions we seek to provide each customer with the benefits of a dedicated server at a fraction of the cost. So stay connected to get the benefit of our services.