Modernize Your Data Center

Data Center Hosting in Dubai, UAE


Leverage capital investment & optimize your existing hardware to become a cloud-ready software-defined datacenter while maintaining security and control of your IT infrastructure

  • Significantly reduce software licensing costs & optimize with cloud subscription models
  • Transform siloed elements into cohesive, software-defined virtual environments
  • With automation, deliver Compute, Storage, Networking and Management at the speed of business
  • Through a software-defined infrastructure, eliminate manual errors & dynamically provision production-ready environments on-demand and at scale
  • With modernization, greatly enhance personnel and resource efficiency to better focus on key business initiatives

On-Premise Cloud Operations

Gain agility your business requires to sustain going forward


Avail benefits of cloud technologies for your business needs to deploy infrastructure in minutes and scale-out as your business grows, without disruption


Get centralized management, non-disruptive software upgrades and seamless backups to bring your infrastructure into the modern age

Freedom of

Being vendor-neutral gives you freedom to choose your preferred technology stack including hardware, virtualization technology and cloud platform


Reduce the complexity and cost of legacy IT. Leverage existing hardware to convert CapEx to predictable OpEx

Local Support

Our Managed Services deliver beyond the Metal. Our specialists work around the clock to deliver reliability and 24/7 uptime

Optimization meets Virtualization to transform on-premises data center costs to strategic business-aligned cloud investments.
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Datacenter hosting is the process of deploying and hosting the data centre on the third party or any other infrastructure of the external service provider. It will enable the use of the same service, features or capabilities of the data centre, but the hosted platform external to the on-premise data centre of any IT infrastructure of the business

Buzinessware is serving as the perfect Data center hosting in UAE to remove IT locations. We offer centralized management, seamless backup, non-disruptive software upgrades, etc., for making it reliable for the business. Our services will not only offer integration of organization, on click simplicity or the high performance, but we will also deliver substantially lower TCO

Modernize your data center

Modernizing the data centre will work in lots of ways with the business and services. You will be able to transform the IT infrastructure to capitalize the scalability, flexibility and performance of both the hybrid and private cloud. You can easily eliminate the infrastructure silos so you will be able to manage the single entity and bring the cloud-like capability to the data centre without any huge efforts. With this service, you can move faster with the leading hyper-converged infrastructure solution for the business. You can make yourself free from the cost, complexity of any legacy IT and embrace the power of the cloud services

Are you looking for the right service where you can have an opportunity to have all such benefits over the service? Visit Buzinessware! We offer the modernized data centre management solution in Dubai, UAE. You can have complete data centre solutions including the agile infrastructure, modern operations and round the clock local support. To know more, contact us at Buzinessware!