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Managed Solutions

With BuzinessCare’s Fully Managed Experience Solution we deliver an all-inclusive 100% hands-free, custom crafted experiences as per your unique business needs with 24/7 supported SLA to achieve your desired business outcomes better, faster – in cloud, at workplace, on web

100% hands-free
Managed Cloud Solutions

From deploying multi-cloud managed infrastructure on global hyper clouds, running secure private clouds, optimizing hybrid infrastructures to seamless disaster recovery as a service, buzinessware can help you architect & optimise cloud solution as per your business needs

Cloud Vendors

100% hands-free
Managed Digital Workplace Solutions

Optimization Consulting IT Support Managed Security

Bring all your digital workplace assets - End-User Computing, Email & Collaboration, Security, Backup and DR onto a unified performance based managed service delivery model as per your business needs

  • End-User Computing
  • Email & Collaboration
  • Security
  • Backup and DR

100% hands-free
Managed Web Presence Solutions

Optimization Consulting Webmaster Services

Bring one or all your assets - Websites, Mobile, Ecommerce & Applications onto a unified performance based managed service delivery model as per your business needs

  • UX Design & Technology Build
  • Hosting, Backup & Security
  • Managed Domains & SSL
  • Online Marketing

Get 100% hands-free experience with Managed X

Delivered at an individual product level, our performance-based Managed X is available as a service option in the shopping cart. Though optional, we highly recommend it to simplify & optimize your service experience. It extends your complimentary standard support SLA providing improved response times, hands-free day-to-day management & ongoing optimization for the ‘New Normal’

Managed Onboarding Operations Automation Optimization Audits Priority Support Access

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