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Focus on your business needs - Our Managed Cloud team of experts will monitor, secure and maintain your cloud infrastructure and deliver a seamless experience across cloud provider of your choice

Managed Multi-Cloud
Managed Standard
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Managed X
24x7 Technical Support

24x7 Technical Support through Tickets, Chat, Phone and Dedicated Slack Channel

Ticket, Chat

Tickets, Chat, Phone and Dedicated Slack Channel
Response Time - Minimal Business Impact 8 Hours 4 Hours
Response Time - Moderate Business Impact 4 Hours 2 Hours
Response Time - Critical Business Impact 2 Hours 30 Minutes
Managed Onboarding
Server Hardening
Firewall Configuration (Windows Firewall /IPtables)
VPN Configuration (Subject to Subscription)
Server updates & patch management
Initial Anti-virus update and complete scan (Windows Server)
Secure Access [Subject to subscribe 2FA for Windows Servers]
Control Panel - Hardening /Tweaking - Subject to Subscription
Migration - Planning & Execution
Real-time Monitoring
Server Uptime
Bandwidth Usage
Services Uptime - HTTP, POP3, IMAP, SMTP, FTP, SSH 2 Services 5 Services
Performance & Health - CPU usage, Disk usage, Users, Process, Memory Usage
Custom Monitoring Parameteres as per need
Ongoing Management
Firewall Management (Windows Firewall /IPtables)
Anti-virus checks, review of alerts - Windows Servers (Subject to Subscription)
Server YUM, Kernel updates and Windows Patch management
Server Patches roll back or resolutions if patch breaks
Review of automation on port attack mitigation and blocking
Server logs /event viewer analysis
Review of Disk space utilization and alert by email with details
Start/Stop/Restart of Monitored Services
OS logs monitoring & troubleshoot
High CPU usage mitigation
High Process usage mitigation
High Memory usage mitigation
Infrastructure-level issues - Trouble shooting
OS level troubleshooting
OS rebuild requests
DB performance monitoring
DB optimization & tuning
Backup -Create job/Verify/Restore - Subject to Subscription of Backup Plan
Capacity Planning /Recommendations
Third-party software Installation , Troubleshooting Issues 2 Hours for 1st Month
Application level issues such as Toubleshooting Plugin, Theme level issues
Disaster Recovery Management (Subject to subcription)
Monthly Server Performance Report
Quarterly Review
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