Unrivaled user-centric features

Streamline operations & optimize costs with our multicloud management platform

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Bridging the gap between raw compute power & ease of use, our managed customer experience is designed to take care of all technicalities without a sys-admin. Be it our 24/7 support, unified control panel, or value-added services - You can build & scale your web applications on our managed AWS cloud hosting platform with complete peace of mind

user-centric features

Control Hybrid Environments

Deploy, automate & optimize across multi-cloud and multi-region distribution with all your infrastructure in one view & all activity continuously audited. Forget the hassle of managing different providers and their credentials and the complexity of deploying services. Platform provides single and intuitive way to deploy and manage your infrastructure and applications across heterogeneous environments

Manage legacy bare-metal and modern cloud infrastructure from a unified control panel interface. Create, reboot or destroy machines. Tag and search them. Assign keys, run and schedule scripts. Enable monitoring, alerting, and automation

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Optimize Costs

Stay on top of your burn rate. Get proactive alerts about under-utilized machines. Get real time visibility of cost, inventory and usage reports for your multi and hybrid cloud infrastructure

Better understand where costs are coming from and find ways to reduce waste and save money. Implement budget alerts, avoid zombie instances, and take advantage of one central billing, no long-term contracts and pay-as-you-grow payment model for all your cloud infrastructure

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user-centric features
user-centric features

Automate your workflows

Create pre-configured rules, dynamic workflows and policies to control the operations of infrastructure such as monitoring, scheduling, RBAC, and/or APIs that respond to system events, such as alerting based on different threshold e.g change in CPU usage, memory consumption, disk space usage etc

Designed for heterogeneous infrastructure, the platform allows you to create a single, reusable template to provision the same application across different cloud providers, data centers, or colo environments

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More Features

Cloud Providers


Cost, monitoring, notification and log widgets

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Managing, monitoring and provisioning machines

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Configure role-based access controls and governance constraints

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Scheduling tasks
across clouds

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Trigger actions for alerting when specific conditions are met

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Orchestrating multi-tier applications

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Keys & Scripts

SSH keys, Bash scripts and playbooks

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Virtual private