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Application Load Balancer operates at the request level (layer 7), routing traffic to your cloud instances and IP addresses based on the content of the request. Ideal for advanced load balancing of HTTP and HTTPS traffic, Application Load Balancer provides advanced request routing targeted at delivery of modern application architectures. Application Load Balancer simplifies and improves the security of your application, by ensuring that the latest SSL/TLS ciphers and protocols are used at all times

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High Availability

You can distribute incoming traffic across your buziness cloud instances in a single Availability Zone or multiple Availability Zones

Health Checks

Load Balancer can detect the health of cloud instances. When it detects unhealthy instances, it no longer routes traffic to those instances and spreads the load across the remaining healthy instances

Security Features

When using Amazon Virtual Private Cloud , you can create and manage security groups associated with Classic Load Balancer to provide additional networking and security options.

SSL Offloading

Supports SSL termination, including offloading SSL decryption from application instances, centralized management of SSL certificates, and encryption

Sticky Sessions

Load Balancer supports the ability to stick user sessions to specific buziness cloud instances using cookies. Traffic will be routed to the same instances as the user continues to access your application

Layer 4 or 7 Load Balancing

You can load balance HTTP/HTTPS applications and use Layer 7-specific features. You can also use strict Layer 4 load balancing for applications that rely purely on the TCP protocol

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