file Storage

Secure Cloud Storage services in Middle East Data Center

Go Local - Get 24/7 local support, highly durable in-country data security & faster performance

Flash-backed, durable, fast, and flexible NFS & CIFS based file storage with customizable IOPS and predictable billing

Buziness File Storage is based on manila service designed using openstack platform. File Storage is fault-tolerant, persistent, fast, and flexible NFS & CIFS based File Storage with massive scalability, availability, durability, and performance. Multiple VMs can share the same files with both read and write access and you will have full control over your file shares function and performance

0 US$/mo

Seamless Integration

With just a few clicks customers receive a mount point in their network that can be shared among buziness cloud instances in a region

Consistent, Scalable Performance

Buziness File Storage is designed to provide with adjustable IOPS needed for a broad range of workloads

Fully Managed

Businessware manages capacity growth, software upgrades, and failed components

Elastic Growth

There are no minimum capacity requirements, customers can get started with kilobytes and scale to exabytes. Pay only for what you use

Data Protection

We provide a highly available service that delivers robust protection of data and metadata using multi-way replication. Delivering high performance as a local service

Built in Security

The File Storage Service uses AES-128 encryption to encrypt all file systems by default. Customers cannot turn off encryption