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Load balancers offer features such as high availability, automatic scaling, and robust security. The Load Balancer routes traffic based on either application or network level information and is ideal for simple load balancing of traffic across multiple Virtual Cloud Server instances or external servers.

Load Balancer Features

Built In High Availability

You can distribute incoming traffic across your Virtual Cloud Servers OR external servers. The load balancer can handle auto scale based on incoming traffic.

Health Checks

The Load Balancer can monitor the health of connected nodes to ensure proper availability of services. When it detects node, it no longer routes traffic to those nodes and spreads the load across the remaining healthy nodes.

Security Features

When using Virtual Private Cloud (VPC), you can create and manage security groups associated with Load Balancers to provide additional networking and security options. You can also create a Load Balancer without public IP addresses to serve as an internal (non-internet-facing) load balancer (example database load balancer).

SSL Offloading

Load Balancers support SSL termination, including offloading SSL decryption from application instances, centralized management of SSL certificates, and encryption to back-end instances with optional public key authentication and provides HTTP to HTTPS redirect to help secure transactions.

Sticky Sessions

Load Balancers support the ability to stick user sessions to specific nodes using cookies. Traffic will be routed to the same instances as the user continues to access your application.

IPv6 Support

Load Balancers support the use of both the Internet Protocol version 4 and 6 (IPv4 and IPv6).

Multiple Protocols

Supports a variety of load balancing protocols on internal and public interfaces, including HTTP, HTTPS, LDAP, LDAPS, IMAP, FTP, POP3, POP3S, SMTP, TCP, TCP Client-First, UDP, SFTP and MySQL.


Simplifies log management by enabling Apache-style access logs (for HTTP-based protocol traffic) or connection and transfer logging (for all other traffic). Automatically sorts and aggregates log data. This makes it convenient to access your raw data for performance tuning or web analytics.


Use a RESTful web service interface to perform tasks like creating and removing load balancers, adding servers to a pool, or removing servers from a pool.

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Please note that Elastic Load Balancers is not a stand alone product. This secure layer can be deployed on ​Virtual Cloud Servers


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