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Buzinessware is an accredited registrar by aeDA (Part of TRA, UAE) for .ae domain services
In addition, we are a global ICANN registrar and allow 200+ domain extensions including new gTLDs

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We help you park and earn money for your unused domains to offset registration/renewal costs
We help you with domain redemption, back order and post expiry renewal services if and when required
As a global & local accredited registrar, we can help you control, optimize & monetize your domains
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Domain Privacy to redact your contact information in the public WHOIS directory and helps prevent domain-related spam

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Domain Insurance protects from unauthorized malicious transfers & accidental expiration

+ Domain Reputation

Domain Reputation protects your website with automatic malware scans & continuous security monitoring

Frequently Asked Questions

Registering .ae domains will help you to get better SEO results for organizations and individuals from UAE. It strengthens your visibility in the online market because it attracts more customers in the UAE especially if you live in the UAE and want to create a business here, getting a .ae domain for your company is pretty much a priority

The registration for .ae domain is simple and instant, just click this link to register your preferred domain name