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All Plans

  • Migration included
  • 1 IPv4
  • SSH terminal access (Linux/Unix)
  • DNS management
  • Unified control panel
  • RDP access (Windows)
  • Secure key management

Best-in-class technology infrastructure with a 99.9% uptime SLA


Behind the scenes

Always on infrastructure engineered for high level performance & blazing speed for even the heaviest workloads

Built for speed

State-of-the-art infrastructure to provide the most powerful servers on cloud with consistent performance

Trust is earned

securely deploy your application in SOC Type II certified, Tier III data centers in Middle East region

Operations Services
Beyond Metal

Multi-Cloud Managed

Best in class, customer-centric managed multi-cloud services tailored to deliver accountability, agility & 24/7 reliability


Webmaster Managed

Buzinessware Managed Webmaster Services is most efficient & cost-effective way to manage & optimize your online presence



Buzinessware Professional Services delivers real business value by helping customers achieve desired business outcomes


24/7 Local Support

Our customer-first philosophy combined with ITIL service management framework helps drive your success from day one


Compute, storage and networking flexibility as per your business needs

99.99% Uptime SLA

If we fail to deliver, we’ll credit you for downtime


Monitor server performance and receive alerts when problems arise in your infrastructure

Enterprise SSDs

Every server comes with high-performing, high availability persistent SSD-based block storage


Configure your network simply and securely, including up-to-date range of IPv4/IPv6 addresses


Full DNS management allows you to easily control every aspect of your domain’s DNS settings

Private Networking

Enables servers to communicate within the same data center at no additional bandwidth costs

Console Management

Get console access to your dedicated server through IPMI.

Operating System

Launch your operating system or application with a single click

Operating systems & application templates

Why buzinessware

Hosting with buzinessware makes business sense


Host in Middle East


24/7/365 Standard Local Support included with every subscription

In-country Data

Be secure & compliant by storing your data in-country

20x Faster

Host in-country & get 20X faster web page loading speeds

10,000+ happy customers trust buzinessware. IT'S YOUR TURN NOW

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“Expert service, high notch VPS SSD servers hosting, and other related services I am using many different services of Buzinessware. Their sales representative Ms. Hanah Donato is very quick response person Also their support team is available 24/7 and reply in few movements. Also, Dhiraj Vikrant, Ajit and Jayesh is very supportive and solve issue instantly Suggested service”
Smita Raj
Buzinessware is truly a professional company. They have excellent support system to assist and resolve the any sort of issue(s) raised by the clients. I am Sharing my personal experience. I strongly recommend Buzinessware company.
Adarsh Narayanan
“I have been through a lot of IaaS companies in my experience, and BuzinessWare beats them all by a mile. The support SLA is 5 stars rated, they are very speedy, and I have personally had a very good time dealing with this team. They are extremely flexible and professional in their services. I would highly recommend them to companies based out of the UAE or Saudi. Keep it up team!”
Swiss Presso
“Number one hosting & services in UAE. I’ve been customer and dealing with them since 2016. Amazing and fast responding from the support team fast and quick help from the team Jayesh help more and follow up with me step by step till solve the issue in 20 min Thank you Best Team Buzinessware FZCO Dubai”
Binayah Real Estate
“We recently upgrade our server with BW and very happy with the process and whole up gradation dose not impact our daily work routine as they ask you for the best time to make such changes. GOOD JOB”
Ashraf Shark
“It is a great experience with Buzinesware, I am with them since the last 3 years and renewed for another 3 years. They have an immense support and especially Mr. Chintawani support was remarkable and prompt. I strongly recommend whoever is concerned to join them without hesitation.”

Are you looking for a low-cost, dependable, dedicated server in UAE to host your vital or heavy-duty business? Buzinessware offers low-cost servers with improved uptime or performance as well as 24-hour technical in-house support. We have created the best solutions for you, which are entirely dependable and managed. Because our server is loaded with rich features and resources, you may be completely confident operating your vital applications or websites. Our servers can effortlessly manage your website's traffic, high-resolution images, multiple domains, and videos. Examine our hosting plans in UAE, and you can receive a cheap and profitable deal on the server. This is the unique place where you can get a dedicated server at the lowest possible cost.

We are the best web hosting in UAE:

Engaging with us, you will get the most reliable and secure web hosting services in UAE. We are the best hosting company in UAE. To get the best domains and hosting services, we are the best hosting services in UAE, and every web-related service is cost-effective and will suit surely your pocket. Our company's primary features are timely client help and counselling. With a fiscal domain listing, you obtain the best services possible. Also, we offer different plans in UAE, which suit every organizational need and requirement.

Why choose our dedicated server?

Dedicated servers with high performance:

  • All of our Hosting servers in UAE, Dubai are pre-configured with RAID 1 to ensure data redundancy.
  • With SSD storage, high-memory variations, and the most recent Xeon CPUs, you can manage any workload, from a crucial business application to a high-traffic website, with ease.
  • In Dubai our rock-solid infrastructure of top-tier data centres, supported by redundant ISP links and DDoS protection, ensures exceptional performance with no compromises.

Control to the maximum:

  • With root access, you have the freedom to tailor the application stack to your specific requirements.
  • An integrated server management panel provides administrative management through start or stops, web-based VNC, restart, rebuild, shutdown, and resource supervision to ensure you never cut off access.
  • In Dubai our customizable dedicated server configuration options include various operating systems, hosting panels, and billing panels, allowing you to choose what is ideal for you.

Provisioning on the spot:

  • We in UAE, Dubai not only deliver a ready-to-use server in minutes, but we also handle hardware replacements in the event of a problem.
  • For automatic and fast management of our hosting servers, as well as speedy deployment, we rely on a trusted open-source software platform.
  • You can begin hosting your website or applications with no further expenses or delays with a simple click.

Our dedicated server features

Unrestricted migration

Do you want to move your existing server to Buzinessware in UAE? It is easy, and it is free. There are no hidden fees with us because there are no additional charges to set up or install your operating system.

Network optimization

Forget about costly downtime and poor loading times. Your dedicated server in Dubai is connected to Level3, HE, Cogent, Highwinds, and Integra through a separate Cisco or Juniper-powered network and is prepared to handle any incoming traffic.

Server administration options

You have absolute control over your dedicated server. You pick how much control you want by selecting three management options: basic, user-responsible or complete.

Airtight safety

Feel safe with a private peering network, which ensures consistent connectivity for any website or application you may be using. Under complete server management, our specialists in UAE will monitor the server regularly to look for any problems.

Data storage in the cloud

To ensure that you never lose out of storage space on your server, we provide you with the ability to expand your storage with our shared storage device infinitely. This is in addition to the standard local RAID 1 mirrored hard drives. With a single click of the mouse, this Cloud storage is supplied quickly.

What set Buzinessware apart from competitors?

Maximum efficiency

Your resources consist of fully dedicated bare-metal servers constructed with cutting-edge components. In Dubai we design, build and operate several physical servers worldwide to provide you with optimized configurations for your projects.


Deploy your servers in our 30 data centres around the world in less than 120 seconds. You benefit from a high-resilience network, secure to assure your customers' service continuity.


By constructing an infrastructure with Buzinessware dedicated servers in UAE Dubai, you construct a dependable technological base for your company applications. The option to link your servers to other Buzinessware solutions, such as hosted private cloud and public cloud, increases the scalability of your infrastructure even further.


By hosting your servers with Buzinessware in UAE, Dubai, you access innovative and one-of-a-kind solutions across our whole infrastructure, such as water cooling for energy efficiency and our experts' anti-DDoS solution. We are always anticipating your future requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

A dedicated server is a powerful system frequently employed by businesses with high traffic or several websites. The dedicated server ensures that end visitors get the greatest possible experience when visiting your or your client's website. Your visitors will experience exceptionally fast website performance due to hyper fast load times, no downtime, and ample storage and memory. Dedicated server hosting is great for a company that is rapidly expanding.

You will have complete root access, which means you will have administrative control over your server.

Unlike other traditional hosting platforms shared among several users, a dedicated server is allotted to a single user. You will have complete access to the server, and you get dedicated resources, so there is no way for other websites or users to slow down the server. Full administrator privileges provide complete control over all software applications installed alongside the operating system.

Stay connected with us.

If you want professionals to manage your dedicated server and secure your website, then Buzinessware in Dubai, UAE is the right way to proceed. Our dedicated support staff in Dubai will be accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to manage your dedicated server and provide top-tier services at the most competitive costs.