Colocation Services in Dubai, UAE Data Center

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We help customers from all over the world colocate their servers securely in UAE Data Centers. Our colocation services deliver the highest level of security and operational reliability with Tier 1 connections via a range of network options.
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Data Center
1 Dirham
1 Dirham
Real Time Monitoring
Of Network & Power
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Server Colocation or Colo is a Data Center Service facility where business owners can host and manage their existing infrastructure in best-in-class data center facilities premises Instead of having its own data center or server room on premise

Our Colocation server charges are very competitive compare to other server rack space colocation service providers in Dubai, UAE. There is no better choice for renting data center space with buzinessware.

Cloud Protect
Cut cost for IT infrastructure
& management
Cloud Protect
Makes Data Migration
easy and reliable
Cloud Protect
Enhances Power capacity along with redundancy
Cloud Protect
High and reliable security
Cloud Protect
High-speed uninterrupted
content delivery

Why choose buzinessware colocation services

Cost and Space Saving

Previously the companies used Colocation services in case of disaster recovery. Nowadays, it is very popular among cloud service providers. These days many companies are using Colocation service since a huge amount of capital as well as space is required for building and maintaining the large in-house facility. Server colocation provides a flexibility to access the hardware and network from a professionally managed data center with the control of servers in hands of customer.

Speed & Performance

The Colocation center also provides access to a higher bandwidth as compared to a simple office server room. Colocation minimizes the network latency, which in turn increases the efficiency. These servers are placed in a cool, dust free environment.


A good Colocation service provider is always associated with higher level of physical security with features like CCTV and locked cabinets, which are difficult, and heavy on the pocket in case of privately owned data house. This reduces the cost of operation though maintaining the same high quality of service.


Today flexibility is the key element in any business and that is what is associated with Colocation. Most Colocation service providers allow customers to customize their space plan according to their needs so that they can focus on their business and associated tasks. A wide range of facilities allows customers to choose the best infrastructure that suits their business requirement.

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