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Co-Branded Cloud Shop

A unique opportunity for Telcos, ISPs, Free Zones & Group Companies to deliver Cloud services to their Ecosystem

buzinessware offers a unique opportunity to deliver all types of new Cloud services, and go to market with creative bundling and packaging of Cloud services and combine with your traditional connectivity services or you gain control from one central point on precise provisioned services

We are the right partner to create a service offering that enables to meet the new demands of customers or employees. Our model allows a partnership to go to market quickly with a high-end customer portal and delivery platform that can be branded to suit the unique needs of the partnership

buzinessware hosts and manages the platform. Customers accesses all services in the Cloud, either through our unified Control Panel, a web browser or desktop access software (e.g. Outlook). We deliver consistent performance and service availability through the Cloud and our service-level agreements (SLAs) for the services offered are best in class

Trying to provide support can also be a huge distraction to Telcos, ISP's, Free Zones and Group Companies from the effort of building their core business

buzinessware provides the support on the platform and all platform services

Users manage themselves through a single point of access to all their data and services on one platform

This approach not only creates more control, but also a place to market other services and add-on services, thereby ensuring that customers rely on their Telco, ISP, Free Zones or Group Company for more value added services rather than going to many SaaS vendors

Developing and maintaining the moving parts of an ecommerce infrastructure is time-consuming and expensive

What’s more, it is important that the billing functionality is integrated into the platform rather than being a separate service that the Telco, ISP, Free Zones or Group Company have to bolt in

Our platform is a complete offering that integrates all the important components including service provisioning, user management, subscription management, billing, integration, etc. Our Control Panel provides the ability for customers to purchases for subscriptions from within the store. In addition to facilitating the purchase of services directly, our platform aggregates information to allow to make informed decisions about how to improve the platform over time and gain visibility into metrics such as churn rate and Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR) in order to assess the health of the business and manage it effectively

Billing must be comprehensive and flexible enough to allow for any bundle a Telco, ISP, Free Zones or group company chooses to create including bundles of services with traditional services. The billing engine needs to be able to integrate with the existing billing engine if that is seen as necessary and important. The store handles all the varying billing models (per user, per use, etc.) and deals with the dynamic environment of a SaaS offering including things like overage charges, adding/deleting users, etc. In short, the platform makes it simple and fast to offer subscription-based services and provide an easy-to-use system with a nice user interface and thorough analytics

Telcos, ISP´s, Free Zones or group companies promote the entire end-to-end customer experience. The focus needs to be on the “Service” and not just an applications offered. By focusing on their customers, their marketing explains how these offerings will make the end user customers more productive with lower cost than alternative strategies

Today’s services must be able to accommodate the ubiquity of devices that users leverage to consume services. Whether the user wants to leverage a smart phone, tablet, laptop or desktop PC, the platform supports these devices and delivers the services anywhere in the world at any time. The platform is a conduit to a service, rather than the service being tied to a specific devices. The user are able to leverage a laptop, tablet and smart phone, with access to the store and their suite of services in a format that is appropriate for each device

Like other cloud computing services, our platform has a monthly licensing fee schedule. There are no upfront Capex costs as there is no development work on the part of the Telco, ISP, Free Zone or group company. Better still, the costs to run the platform are variable based on user and subscription volume. Costs remain relatively low should the platform transaction volume take longer to ramp up than forecasted

Syndication is included in our solution, a minimal number of marketing staff is required at the Telco, ISP, Free Zone or group company. This allows them to stay focused on generating traffic and sales rather than interfacing with SaaS vendors. The monthly model not only reduces project risk but facilitates faster implementation as it allows product management to avoid the traditionally lengthy capital governance processes