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Object Storage

Organizing unstructured data in a flat environment

Unlike the addressing hierarchy used with traditional file storage, object storage employs a flat file system that can grow without limit. Hence, it’s able to hold huge volumes of unstructured data such as audio, video, emails, health records, and documents

SubscriptionFixed Monthly plan

ConsumptionPay as you grow

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Scale out architecture

Scale-out storage is about as simple as it gets:You simply add another node to the cluster and that capacity gets folded into the available pool

Customizable metadata

Allows users to customize and add as many metadata tags as they need to easily locate the object later

High sequential throughput performance

High sequential throughput performance, which makes them great for streaming large files

Flexible data protection options

Object storage employs a flexible tool called erasure coding to achieve date protection more robust and efficient

Lower total cost of ownership (TCO)

By allowing you to start small and scale, object storage minimizes your cost

Massive scalability

Allows massive elastic content storage from multiple geo-trusted sites and from multiple storage tiers. Also support Geo–erasure coding and geo-replication

Application interfaces

Massively parallel transaction engine with integrated load balancing and transaction multithread pipelining

Compression and encryption

Store objects with lossless compression which support AES-256 and SHA-256 encryption

Metadata-based data management

Content-aware self-healing maintains data protection even during network disruptions. Policies can be modified and applied retroactively to existing objects

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