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Is Your Website Hackable? Detect and action

With the uptake of cloud computing and advancements in browser technology, web applications have become a core component of business processes, and a lucrative target for hackers. Organizations must make Vulnerability Assessment not only a priority, but a fundamental requirement

Firewalls, SSL and hardened networks are futile against web application hacking. Web attacks are carried out over HTTP and HTTPS; the same protocols that are used to deliver content to legitimate users. Web applications are often tailor-made and tested less than off-the-shelf-software; the repercussions of a web attack are often worse than traditional network-based attacks

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4 Scans / year

DeepScan Technology

For crawling of AJAX-heavy client-side Single Page Applications (SPAs)

SQL Injection and Cross-site Scripting testing

Includes advanced detection of DOM-based XSS

AcuSensor Technology

Combines black box scanning techniques with feedback from its sensors placed inside source code

Detection of WordPress vulnerabilities

Scans WordPress installations for over 1200 known vulnerabilities in WordPress’ core, themes and plugins

Login Sequence Recorder

Allows the automatic scanning of complex password protected areas

Vulnerability Reporting

Easily generate a wide variety of technical and compliance reports

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