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Buziness Monitor

Buziness Monitor is a flexible monitoring service that provides in-depth insights into your cloud deployments. Buziness Monitor provides advanced analytics on critical metrics such as CPU utilization, latency and also lets you customize metrics specific to business requirements

Buziness Monitor enables you to protect your deployments from security threats, network issues or system failure by sending alerts through a variety of channels including emails and SMS

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Monitor buziness Cloud

View detailed metrics for CPU utilization, data transfer, and disk usage activity from buziness Cloud instances with higher resolution. No additional software needs to be installed

Monitor Other Cloud Resources

Monitor metrics on purpose built instances and network resources easily

Monitor Custom Metrics

Submit Custom Metrics generated by your own applications via a simple API request and have them monitored by buziness Monitor


It’s better to detect an issue before it affects your business. With buziness Monitor, you can set up alerts and respond proactively to events by setting up automated actions


Buziness Monitor gives you the basic tools you need to analyze and diagnose any operational issue, so you can resolve it efficiently

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