Cloud Protect

Integrated Security & Performance
for all your web assets

Protect and accelerate your website, applications, and APIs, with best-in-class cloud services available at the internet’s edge and physically closer to end-users.

Cloud Protect Security

Web application firewall (WAF), Bot protection. Layer-7 DDoS mitigation, Private network between edge locations. Because the security needs to be built in, not bolted on

Cloud Protect Performance

CDN with 80% cache hit ratio. Computing with 60% less latency. Serverless with zero warmup time. Dedicated network backbone between edge locations. Yeah, it’s fast

Cloud Protect Reliability

The Anycast DNS service improves availability, lowers latency, accelerates functioning of Domain Name System (DNS) servers, and delivers quicker response times to your webpages worldwide

Cloud Protect Monitoring

Track the performance and availability of endpoints, APIs, websites, and applications from the local perspective of your users

Get security, performance, reliability, and monitoring all in one plan