Web Application Firewall (WAF)

WAF protects your websites, applications, APIs, and more from the Internet’s worst vulnerabilities, threats, and attacks

Need Security, Performance, Reliability, and Monitoring - all in one Plan?

How It Works

WAF provides full-time protection for your websites and applications by analyzing all traffic and only allowing legitimate and authorized access. Simply:

PointPoint your website, application, or API
ReviewReview the standard WAF policies that are active by default
ControlDeactivate or customize any standardized policies as desired
CustomizeCreate customized WAF rules and IP whitelists and blacklists if necessary

Intelligent Protection

WAF is designed to require zero-touch configuration, and to continue getting smarter as it is used. Traffic is constantly analyzed to profile behavior, detect inconsistencies, and determine reputation, leveraging advanced intelligence algorithms and expert security analysts. Every attack makes our WAF smarter and even more secure from emerging threats

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Layer 7 DDoS Attacks
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Cross-site Scripting
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Automated Traffic (Bots)
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SQL Injection
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OWASP Top 10 Threats
Need Security, Performance, Reliability, and Monitoring - all in one Plan?

Protection All Around the World

WAF runs in all of our edge locations around the world, providing your websites and applications global security in one single service

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Layer 7 DDoS Protection

WAF automatically protects against Layer 7 DDoS attacks, the largest and most common types of attacks. The WAF measures and analyzes all traffic coming through it; if a domain threshold, burst threshold, or sub-second burst threshold (all of which can be customized) is exceeded the WAF suspects an attack and challenges traffic to verify it is coming from a human

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Predefined thresholds can be configured per domain, allowing protection to be customized to the domain’s acceptable traffic profile

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White List
Traffic Sources

Known legitimate traffic sources, like search engines, are allowed through even during a DDoS attack

Need Security, Performance, Reliability, and Monitoring - all in one Plan?

Real-time Monitoring & Analytics

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Real-time Traffic

Get real-time insights into your web application security events

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It provides information about the country and organization your visitors are coming from

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Analyze Security Events

You don’t need to be a security expert to analyze your web application security events, full details about each event are available within the WAF event management

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More Statistics

Information about the top threat actions, origins and the most active rules provide an extra layer of info that will help you get more insights about the malicious traffic that was blocked

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