Take instant control over how your content is delivered with EdgeRules™. Customize your asset delivery, security measures, SEO, and mobile experience to your needs, all from the edge

Customize Your Delivery

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301 Redirects

Send visitors to where you want them from the edge by creating a 301 redirect EdgeRule

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Cache Management

Set a specific cache or noCache rule based on request information

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Add/Remove Headers

Create, modify, or remove headers before requests go to the origin, and/or before they go back to the connecting client

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URL Signing

Protect your content with URL signing at the edge

Get 100% Protection Instantly with CloudProtect

Ready-to-use EdgeRules

Take advantage of our expertise and experience with thousands of delivery customers. We’ve created EdgeRules recipes that are ready to work for you right off the shelf, covering common delivery control interests including cache control, access control, header manipulation, and more

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Customized EdgeRules

Create EdgeRules from scratch or tailor our prewritten rules to specifically meet your unique delivery needs. Our easy-to-use custom rules engine makes setting up new rules as simple as choosing specific variables in a simple user-friendly interface

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Instant Global Activation

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Get 100% Protection Instantly with CloudProtect

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