block Storage

Secure Cloud Storage services in UAE Data Center

Go Local - Get 24/7 local support, highly durable in-country data security & faster performance

Flash-backed, local disk performance with SAN persistence and durability, customizable IOPs and predictable billing

Cloud Block Storage offers reliable, high-performance, on-demand storage for applications and databases hosted on Cloud Instances. Unlike object storage, it is easier to modify files because you have access to the specific required blocks in the volumes. Each block in block storage acts like an individual hard drive


Expandable volumes and adjustable IOPS

Buzinessware offer Block Storage with choice of volumes and IOPS which you can choose according to your workload need

Persistent Storage

Block mounted to the instance is yours. You can easily attach same block to another instance in case you want to delete the existing instance

Easy to Scale

Allows you to add multiple blocks anytime

Highly Reliable

Block volumes have built-in durability and run on redundant hardware

Distributed Design

Redundant architecture protects your data from any loss during maintenance or failures without creating system-level RAID arrays

Data at rest encryption

Allows data encryption at rest protects your data at no additional cost or impact to performance

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