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Snapshots are a mechanism to record delta changes from a certain point in time. Snapshots are very important when making any drastic changes to a server configuration. You can easily restore the previous version if any changes made to server configuration lead to failure

AED 0.26 per GB per month

Backup features

Seamless Scalability

Easily scale protection based on your dynamic workload need

Cost Effective

Pay only 25% of your VM cost for backup and 0.20 AED/GB for snapshots

World’s Fastest Recovery

Achieve Recovery Time Objectives (RTOs) of 15 seconds or less

Snapshot features

Multiple copies of data

You can provide real-time production data for applications such as data digging, report query, and development and testing by creating snapshots of production data

No bandwidth Consumption

No additional bandiwdth will be consumed for snapshots

Fast, reliable restoration

You can restore a snapshot to a new local volume, or you can use the snapshot to create a Block Storage volume and attach that to Buziness Cloud Instance

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