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Cloud DNS makes domain management simple-with a super-friendly interface, a powerful REST-based API, and easy migrations. Plus, we're always here to help, 24/7/365

DNS is a highly available and scalable web service that is designed to give developers and businesses an extremely reliable and cost effective way to route end users to Internet applications by translating names like into the numeric IP addresses like that computers use to connect to each other

DNS effectively connects user requests to infrastructures and to configure health checks to route traffic to healthy endpoints or to independently monitor the health of your application and its endpoints. DNS Traffic Flow makes it easy for you to manage traffic globally through a variety of routing types that can be combined with DNS Failover in order to enable a variety of low-latency, fault-tolerant architectures. Using DNS Traffic Flow's simple visual editor, you can easily manage how your end-users are routed to your application's endpoints


What is the price of BW Cloud DNS?

BW DNS charges are based on actual usage of the service for Hosted Zones, Queries, Health Checks, and Domain Names.

You pay only for what you use. There are no minimum fees, no minimum usage commitments, and no overage charges. You can estimate your monthly bill using the BW Simple Monthly Calculator.

How can I use BW Cloud DNS with BW Cloud Storage and BW CDN?

For websites delivered via BW CDN or static websites hosted on BW Cloud Storage, you can use the BW CDN service to create an Alias record for your domain which points to the BW CDN distribution or BW Cloud Storage. For BW Cloud Storage not configured to host static websites, you can create a CNAME record for your domain and the BW Cloud Storage name. In all cases, note that you will also need to configure your BW Cloud Storage or your CDN distribution respectively with the alternate domain name entry to completely establish the alias between your domain name and the BW domain name for your distribution.

For BW CDN distributions and BW Cloud Storage configured to host static websites, we recommend creating an ‘Alias’ record that maps to your BW CDN distribution or BW Cloud Storage website, instead of using CNAMEs. Alias records have two advantages: first, unlike CNAMEs, you can create an Alias record for your zone apex (e.g., instead of, and second, queries to Alias records are free of charge.

Can I see a history of my changes and other operations on my BW Cloud DNS?

Yes, via BW CloudTrail you can record and log the API call history for Cloud DNS.

How quickly will changes I make to my DNS settings on BW Cloud DNS propagate globally?

BW DNS is designed to propagate updates you make to your DNS records to its world-wide network of authoritative DNS servers within 60 seconds under normal conditions. A change is successfully propagated world-wide when the API call returns an INSYNC status listing.

Note that caching DNS resolvers are outside the control of the BW DNS service and will cache your resource record sets according to their time to live (TTL). The INSYNC or PENDING status of a change refers only to the state of BW DNS’s authoritative DNS servers.

Does BW Cloud DNS support wildcard entries? If so, what record types support them?

Yes. To make it even easier for you to configure DNS settings for your domain, BW DNS supports wildcard entries for all record types. A wildcard entry is a record in a DNS zone that will match requests for any domain name based on the configuration you set. For example, a wildcard DNS record such as * will match queries for and

Which DNS record types does BW Cloud DNS?

BW DNS currently supports the following DNS record types:

A (address record) AAAA (IPv6 address record) CNAME (canonical name record) MX (mail exchange record) NAPTR (name authority pointer record) NS (name server record) PTR (pointer record) SOA (start of authority record) SPF (sender policy framework) SRV (service locator) TXT (text record) Additionally, BW DNS offers ‘Alias’ records (a BW DNS-specific virtual record). Alias records are used to map resource record sets in your hosted zone to load balancers, BW CDN distributions, or BW Cloud Storage that are configured as websites. Alias records work like a CNAME record in that you can map one DNS name ( to another ‘target’ DNS name ( They differ from a CNAME record in that they are not visible to resolvers. Resolvers only see the A record and the resulting IP address of the target record. We anticipate adding additional record types in the future.

Is there a limit to the number of hosted zones I can manage using BW Cloud DNS?

Each BW DNS account is limited to a maximum of 500 hosted zones and 10,000 resource record sets per hosted zone. Complete our request for a higher limit and we will respond to your request within two business days.

Does BW Cloud DNS use an anycast network?

Yes. Anycast is a networking and routing technology that helps your end users’ DNS queries get answered from the optimal BW DNS location given network conditions. As a result, your users get high availability and improved performance with BW DNS.

What types of access controls can I set for the management of my Domains on BW Cloud DNS?

You can control management access to your BW DNS hosted zone by using the BW Identity and Access Management (IAM) service. BW IAM allows you to control who in your organization can make changes to your DNS records by creating multiple users and managing the permissions for each of these users within your BW Account.

What are the DNS server names for the BW Cloud DNS service?

To provide you with a highly available service, each BW DNS hosted zone is served by its own set of virtual DNS servers. The DNS server names for each hosted zone are thus assigned by the system when that hosted zone is created.

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